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Decriminalization of Marijuana –

The National Council of Women of Canada




“The Justice Minister’s proposals don’t attack the real problem” says the National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC).

NCWC adopted policy at their Annual Meeting in 2001 calling for the “Decriminalization of the Non-Medical Use of Illegal Drugs”.

They urged the Government of Canada to:
a) examine decriminalized drug control programs that have been shown to work in other countries;
b) set up a non-criminal regulatory system for dealing with non-medicinal use of drugs as an alternative to control by criminal law;
c) treat drug use and addiction as health and social issues, rather than as criminal justice issues;
d) provide the necessary funding for education, addiction prevention, and treatment, including measures to address the social and economic conditions that lead to harmful forms of drug use.

Criminalization of drugs has absorbed vast financial resources, time and personnel, and placed great strain on the criminal justice system and yet has not reduced the availability of illegal drugs or the health risks. It has only caused organized crime to gain enormous profits from the illegal drug trade. The Council of Women believes that drug addiction should be treated as a health and social issue rather than a criminal justice issue.

Catharine Laidlaw-Sly
NCWC President
Ph: 450-689-1418 Cell-Phone: 514-886-3301
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