The National Council of Women of Canada


October 29, 2012 – For Immediate Release

NCWC demands more transparency in the Canada – China Trade Deal

The National Council of Women of Canada strongly urges the Government of Canada to allow debate in the House of Commons on the “Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement.” This Agreement is being finalized without any public input or consultation with the Provinces, ignoring the democratic process and threatening the natural environment which Canadians value so highly.
In a 1998 resolution, NCWC called upon the Government to “respect the economic sovereignty of Canada…to protect the environment and guarantee Canadian ownership and control over natural resources.” It urged the Government “to guarantee ownership and control the delivery of vital natural resources.”

The Canada-China Agreement, to be passed this Wednesday, would give a Chinese state-owned enterprise “the right to full protection and security from public opposition” and would allow China to sue Canada, outside our country, if the investment plan was blocked. For example, if the B.C. government decided to stop the Northern Gateway pipeline over concern about the Canadian environment, Canada could be sued for hefty damages.

We are concerned that this Bill is being rushed through the House and that it could bind Canada in an agreement for 31 years. The Government must open the process to transparency and allow democratic debate in Parliament.

The National Council of Women of Canada is a federation comprised of Local Councils, Provincial Councils, and National Organizations. Founded in 1893, it was incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1914 and has been designated by the Government of Canada as being of national historic significance for its role in Canadian women’s history.

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