The National Council of Women of Canada


January 25, 2006

New Parliament an Opportunity to Examine, Improve Canada

For over 100 years, the National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC) has worked with the politicians and civil servants of every federal government, representing the women of Canada as their voice to the government of the day

NCWC President Carla Kozak says the Council is looking forward to working with the new government to institute efficient and effective ways to improve conditions in Canada for all women and their families. “Although Canada has signed the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination against Women, the latest report from the United Nations shows that serious systemic discrimination against women does exist in Canada.

“The leaders of all four major parties have pledged to work toward a Canada which recognizes and alleviates the inequality of women. For example, there is a greater incidence of poverty among women of all ages, and women bear a heavy load in their unpaid work. Although this work is unpaid, it is absolutely essential for the growth and prosperity of Canada; and that contribution must be recognized and rewarded.”

“The new Parliament will give all Canadians an opportunity to examine Canada as it is and to work together to make it what we want it to become – a nation where all people share responsibility for its safety and security and where all people share in its prosperity.”

President Kozak concluded her statement by saying the National Council is looking forward to the announcement of the new cabinet.

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