Same Sex Marriage – January 2005

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Same Sex Marriage – January 2005

The National Council of Women of Canada


January, 2005


“The National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC) sees this issue as affirming its support for a legal regime that observes and protects the basic human rights of each and every citizen,” says President Catharine Laidlaw-Sly.

NCWC members studied this issue last year and at their 112th Annual General Meeting last May, voted in favour of the following statement of policy.
Ø that the National Council of Women of Canada, in recognition of the diversity of belief in Canada, the human rights of all, the constitutional forbidding of all forms of discrimination, and the importance of supporting stable, loving families, adopt a policy in support of civil rights to marriage;

Ø that the National Council of Women of Canada urge the Government of Canada to proceed with legislation to confirm the civil right of all to enter into lawful union to the exclusion of all others, and continue to affirm the right of individuals to select as well the blessing of the religious community of their choice, and the right of such religious institutions to offer or deny their blessings in accordance with their particular traditions.

NCWC, Canada’s oldest established federated organization working to improve conditions of life for women, respects and honours Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Members came to the conclusion that while the Charter protects the rights of all faiths and religions, there is a clear obligation on the Government of Canada to ensure that all civil rights are equally available to all citizens. This is particularly necessary in the case of a minority group.

NCWC urges the Government to proceed with this legislation.

For further information:
Catharine Laidlaw-Sly, President

Muriel Smith, Justice & Legislation Convener

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