Commitments Made to the delegates at the Children’s Conference

August 18, 2002

Hon. David Anderson, P.C. M.P.,
Minister of the Environment,
House of Commons,
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Anderson,

It is very disturbing to receive (as the President of the National Council of Women of Canada) a letter forwarded from the Environment Convener of the International Council of Women (Mme. Carola de Boullouche) with the following urgent request.
Specifically, it was to inquire what you as a member of the WSSD, are doing to honour the commitment (made in Victoria B.C. last May) to ensure that the elected representatives of the International Children’s Conference on the Environment have their promised five minutes to present their Challenges to world leaders at the Johannesburg Summit. It is always possible that her information is incomplete, because the clear implication from her message was that many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) backing the Children’s representatives believe that the WSSD members have no intention of taking the time to listen to these representatives of humanity’s future.

Knowing the commitment and conviction which you have brought to your portfolio, I trust that in fact you have been working at implementing this promise and that the Children’s Conference representatives will be present and heard in Johannesburg.

NCWC (founded in 1893) with the mission to improve conditions of life for women and their families in the communities where they live, is a member of the International Council of Women, holds Consultative Status with ECOSOC at the United Nations, and is a participating member of the Women’s Commission of the Organization for the Americas (OAS/CIM).

With best wishes,

Catharine Laidlaw-Sly