Letter 20111002 Moore Congratulate CBC

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Letter 20111002 Moore Congratulate CBC


The Hon. James Moore P.C.,B.A.

Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages,

House of Commons, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Dear Mr Moore,

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is to be congratulated as it celebrates 75 years as Canada’s public broadcaster. Over these years, both television and radio stations have reported on the concerns of its citizens and illuminated a vision of Canada. This content has enabled Canadians to learn about each other across our wide-spread country. Learning about our history is especially important in a country with a high proportion of immigrants. The drama, John A, Birth of a Country, which was aired recently on television, is a fine example of the kind of programme that the public broadcaster can and should produce. As a broadcaster yourself, I am sure you will agree.

The National Council of Women is a federation composed of Local Councils, Provincial Councils as well as National, Provincial and Local Organizations. Founded in 1893, it was incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1914 and has been designated by the Government of Canada as being of national historic significance for its role in Canadian women’s history. NCWC has always been a strong supporter of the CBC in its role as a public broadcaster.

We welcome your promise of government support, which you expressed after your election in May. That support should mean adequate funding, on a predictable basis, to allow for long term planning. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage recommended stable multi-year funding for the CBC, with an increase of $40 per capita in core funding. To the NCWC this still seems good advice.

We thank you for your continuing support of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Yours sincerely,

Denise Mattok


National Council of Women of Canada

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506-251 Bank Street                                IN FEDERATION WITH INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF WOMEN                                                 FAX: (613) 232-8419

Ottawa, Ontario                                                 (Incorporated by Act of Parliament of Canada)                                                  E-MAIL: ncwc@magma.ca

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