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Letter 20120124 Friends Donations

Dear Friends,                                                                                                January 24, 2013

The NCWCDO was established by the National Council of Women of Canada in 1985. It is a Registered Charitable Organization dedicated to the advancement of women and girls in Third World countries and Canada. Funds are raised to support projects that address education and skills that will improve the life of women and children through basic education and skill training. In addition, projects that will protect children and young women from physical, sexual and mental abuse are strongly supported. In the past 25 years the NCWCDO has supported programs in Canada, India, and Africa.

A donations towards these GRASS ROOTS projects have shown a positive influence in the communities.  The NCWCDO aims to fund small local initiatives that contribute to the empowerment of women to become self sufficient and to the prevention of crimes and abuse against women and children. Volunteers, predominantly women play a significant role in all projects.

A small donation towards these programs has lasting impact. Please consider supporting this non- profit national organization. Let us help those who are less fortunate and those who suffer daily from mental,  physical or sexual abuse.  We are fortunate but must remember to look outside our community where innocent young children and girls are suffering and often forgotten.  They need our help!


THE EQUALITY EFFECT Funding provided contributed to a Canadian initiative seeking to secure a court order so that the State of Kenya enforces existing criminal protection from rape and assault for young girls and women.

OUR KENYA KIDS funds were donated towards the “Tailoring Project”  which provides practical training to young girls and women with AIDS,  the opportunity to advance their technical skills that will empower them towards self sufficiency  that will  improve their future.

CHEZ DORIS WOMEN’S SHELTER is a drop in day center for homeless women in Montreal.  Funding is committed to the establishment of a sewing class where women have the opportunity to be trained for employment in an effort to achieve independence , off the street and into home.

Thank you so very much for considering and supporting this important mission.



Please send your donation to:                             

605-175 William Paul Street,
Verdun, QC,
H3P 1P1


Bonnie Stamos Destounis

Chairperson of NCWCDO

466 Beverley Ave.

Mount Royal, Que. Canada H3P 1L3


National Council of Women of Canada Development Organization

Organisation de développement de conseil national des femmes du Canada



Established by the National Council of Women of Canada in 1985, the NCWCDO is a Registered Charitable Organization*. NCWCDO is dedicated to the support of projects, in Canada and in developing countries, which are directed to educational and social welfare programs aimed at improving the quality of life for women and their families. The funds help to empower women, and at the same time, it provides opportunities for NCWC’s provincial and local councils to become aware of the Canadian and global conditions (and actions) for women and children. The objectives of NCWCDO are:


  • To advance literacy and basic education and provision of skill training for women and girls in Canada or third world countries and when deemed necessary, provision of other expenses such as  accommodation and meals during prescribed periods of training or capital equipment.


  • To contribute to the general well-being of all members of a designated community through  specific projects such as wells in third world countries to provide for pure water; a social or cultural facility to be available for recreation, health clinics, crafts, and adult education including health, nutrition and sanitation.


NOTE: The groups receiving funding will be asked to provide a report about how the funding was used.  Pictures, DVDs, or other materials from the project will be used for promotional purposes and displays at NCWCDO fundraising luncheon, on  June 1, 2012.  DEADLINE  for submissions is March 31, 2013


For further information, please contact Bonnie Stamos Destounis, Chairperson NCWCDO

                Phone: 514-733-7238 or bonnievstamos@gmail.com




Name of organization:

Contact person for the organization:

Location of project:

Address and contact information of the project:

Contact person in Canada for the organization:



Telephone                                   Fax:                      Email:


Mission/Goals of the Organization:

(Use extra paper if needed for these answers)

Target Population:

Description of project including time frame: Grants are small (approximately $500 – $2,000), so if necessary you may apply for a segment of the overall project which may need support).

Estimated budget – please itemize (use separate sheet)

Attach supporting materials (brochures, etc) about project if available.

Charitable number if applicable:

Council/group supporting application:

Contact person:


Phone:                                            Email

Send completed application before March 31, 2013 to:    Bonnie Stamos Destounis

466 Beverley Avenue, Montreal, Quebec H3P 1L3 Email    bonnievstamos@gmail.com Phone: 514-733-7238 

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