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Letter 20121023 Harper Chrysotile Asbestos

The Right Hon.Stephen Harper, P.C., B.A.,M.A.
House of Commons,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

October 23, 2012

Dear Mr Harper,

On behalf of the National Council of Women of Canada[ NCWC],which represents many thousands of Canadian women through our federation of 15 Local and six Councils as well as 20 Nationally Organized Societies I write to commend your Government on its recent decision to reverse Canada’s position on the listing of Chrysotile asbestos as a dangerous substance under the Rotterdam Convention.

NCWC members have long been concerned about the dangers of asbestos mining, its use and export. We are concerned too about its effect on Canadians as well as on people in the developing world.  Several resolutions on this topic were discussed at Council meetings across the country and debated at the Annual General Meeting held in Toronto in May 2010. The resulting policy states that” The National Council of Women of Canada adopts as policy the inclusion of chrysotile asbestos as a dangerous substance in the Rotterdam Convention” and “further that NCWC urges the Government of Canada both to include chrysotile asbestos in the Rotterdam Convention and to ratify the Rotterdam Convention without delay.” Another resolution calls for a ban on the mining and export of all forms of asbestos.

NCWC members are pleased to see that both your Government and the recently-elected provincial government of Quebec are taking the concerns of citizens seriously about the danger of chrysotile asbestos. We hope you will continue to provide leadership on this matter.


Denise Mattok, President

National Council of Women of Canada.

c.c. The Hon.P.Kent, Minister of the Environment.

The Hon.L Aglukkaq, Minister of Health

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