The Splendid Vision

///The Splendid Vision
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From The Splendid Vision by N.E.S. Griffiths (1993)

“In her opening remarks to the conference in 1894, [Lady Aberdeen] began her speech by emphasizing the common religious faith of those present. ‘We represent here different creeds, different churches, different races, different views and schools of thought,’ she said, ‘but we are all children of the same Father and we have a right to approach Him in the way which we feel would be most real and true, remembering that God is a spirit and they who approach Him must approach Him in spirit and truth’. She went on to say, ‘therefore I think that our Executive is right in inviting this National Council this morning to commend themselves and their work to our Heavenly Father in silent prayer.’ By this action Lady Aberdeen made possible the continued affiliation of Jewish and Roman Catholic women.” (p.28)