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The foundation of the advisory role of the Council is the development of policy through a democratic resolution process. NCWC policy is based on concerns discussed at the grassroots level from Study Groups, Local Councils, Provincial Councils and Nationally Organized Societies. Council members may speak only on existing policy when contacting the government, the media and the public.

The Policy and Briefs sections include some basic information about the Resolution Process of NCWC.

The Annual Index shows all approved NCWC Policy from 1967  to the present.  Use this list as a quick way to look up the titles of NCWC Policy by year.

Policy is organized by the following categories: Year (1967 to the present) and Alphabetically (1967-2007).   A copy of the complete document for each Policy (1967 to the present) is found under the category Year.


Resolution Process from Policy to Brief 

Policy Listed by:

Briefs   (in section Members  under Communications)


Converting Documents into PDF Format and/or Printing Documents

If you wish to convert a Policy document for any year into PDF format and/or print it, just click on the PDF or Printer icons shown below.  Then right click on your mouse and a menu will open up.  Choose the options “Save as” or “Print” and follow the instructions.