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Latest rules for the submission of proposed resolutions:  Rules for Proposal of NCWC Resolutions

The resolution process is an important one for NCWC. There are dates to be aware of for submission, which are noted in the calendar.

Generally, in early January, the package of resolutions is mailed to all Local and Provincial Councils and National Affiliates. Proposed amendments are then submitted to the Resolutions Convener in preparation for the AGM, held in early June. All members of Council have an opportunity to propose, review, amend and vote on resolutions.

Here are some of the basic concepts on resolutions, policy and briefs:

Resolution:  Proposed resolutions may be submitted by any federated Organization, by the Board or by any NCWC Convener.  Individual members wishing to submit a resolution must do so through a Federated organization, the Board or an NCWC Convener.  Resolutions are presented at the AGM for debate and a vote.

Policy:  A policy is a resolution that is passed at the AGM.

Brief:  A brief is a paper submitted to government or an official body, which states our policy and suggests a course of action.

The National Council has presented the Federal Government with numerous Resolutions over the years and the Policies are contained in this section listed by Year, by Topic  and in Alphabetical order.  The Annual Index shows all approved NCWC Policy from 1967 to the present date. Use this list as a quick way to look up the titles of NCWC Policy by year.


Converting Documents into PDF Format and/or Printing Documents

If you wish to convert a Policy document for any year into PDF format and/or print it, just click on the PDF or Printer icons shown below.  Then right click on your mouse and a menu will open up.  Choose the options “Save as” or “Print” and follow the instructions.