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Annual Index for NCWC Policy 2017 – 1967


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Emerging Issues


2016.01             CRUELTY FREE MEAT




2016.05             PAID INTERNSHIPS



Policy Update


Emerging Issues



2015.01             Maximize Removal of Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals from Wastewater before Releasing Wastewater into the Environment 

2015.02             Meat and Climate Change

2015.03             Medically Assisted Death

2015.04             Regulation of Toxins and Banning of Antibacterials in Personal Care Products

2015.05             The Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes

2015.06             Reduction in Sugar Content in Processed Food, Fruit Drinks and Soda Pop

Policy Update

2015.01PU        Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

2015.02PU        Asbestos Exposure a Health Hazard

2014.01          Access to Mifepristone (RU486): for Use in Medical Abortions 

2014.02          Employment Insurance Reform Regarding Tips

2014.03          Impact on Local Populations of Global Rush to Acquire Farmland

2014.04          Moratorium on the Use of Neonicotinoid Pesticides on Farm Crops

Policy Update

2014.01PU     Curriculum of Medical Faculties Pertaining to Elective Early Termination of Pregnancy

2013:01          Facilitating Nutritious Food Choices

2013:02          Antibiotic Use in Animal Husbandry Leads to Antibiotic Resistance in Humans

2013:03          Proposals to Maintain and Strengthen Public Health Care

2013:04          Double Bunking and Overcrowding in Canadian Prisons

2013:05          Canada/Quebec Pension Plan Drop-out Provision for Family/Friend Caregivers

2013:06          Early Identification, Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

2013:07          Bullying and Cyber Bullying National Prevention Strategy

Policy Updates 

2013:01PU     Mental Health Strategy for Canada

2013:02PU     National Accountability for Food Safety and Security

Emerging Issue

2013-01EI       Health Care for Refugees 

2012:01          National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy

2012:02          Aboriginal Youth Suicide and “Life Promotion”

2012:03          Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women

2012:04          Youth Employment

2012:05          Older Women and Discriminatory Employment Policies and Practices

2012:06          Regulation of Exploration for and Exploitation of Shale Gas in Canada

2012:07          Criminalize Torture by Non-state Actors

2012:08          Ecocide an International Crime

Policy Updates

2012:01PU     Early Child Development to Maximize Potential

2012:02PU     Women, Peace and Security

2012:03PU     Overseas Development Assistance for Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

2012:04PU     A National Prescription Drug Plan

2012:05PU     Housing: a Strategy for Canadians

2012:06PU     Electricity from Geothermal Energy

2012 07PU     Human Trafficking: National Action Plan

Emerging Issues

2012:01EI       Promotion of the Participation of Canadian Women and Girls in Soccer and Other Sports

2012:02EI       Canada’s Obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Its Optional Protocol, Including Reference to Omar Khadr

2011:01          Banning All Offshore Drilling in the Arctic

2011:02          National Food Security Policy

2011:03          Ensuring the Safety of the Canadian Food Supply

2011:04          Establishment of Nanotechnology Regulations

2011:05          Reform of the Canada Pension Plan Retirement Income System for Canadians with an Employment History

2011:06          Increasing Efficient and Effective Public Transportation Systems in Canada

Policy Updates 

2011:01PU     Need for Realistic Insurance for Nuclear Incidents 

2011:02PU     International Trade Agreement Negotiations with the European Union

2011:03PU     Reform of Canadian Correctional System

Emerging Issue

2011:01EI       The Need for All Canadians to Have Access to Sufficient Resources to Cover the Necessities of Life

2010:01a.       Inclusion of Chrysotile Asbestos in the Rotterdam Convention

2010:01b.       Ban on Mining and Exports of All Forms of Asbestos

2010:02          The Need for a Central Registry of Asbestos

2010:03          Further Study Needed of Excitotoxins in the Food Supply

2010:04          Decreasing Sodium Consumption by Canadians

2010:05          Food Safety – Microorganisms

2010:06          Urgent and Critical Need to Provide Safe and Adequate Housing and Infrastructure for Aboriginal Peoples

Policy Updates 

2010:01PU     Making Midwifery Services Available to All Who Wish to Use Them

2010:02PU     Nuclear Power: Inclusion of Radioactive Emissions and Waste in the National Pollutant Release Inventory

2010:03PU     Elimination of Coercive, Violent and Abusive Prostitution

2010:04PU     International Trade Agreement Negotiations


A Commissioner for Canada’s Children

2009:01          Ensuring Police Accountability Through Effective Civilian Oversight

2009:02          Ensuring Police Accountability in Cases of National Security Complaints

2009:03          National Mental Health Strategy

Emerging Issues 

2009:01EI       The Need to Protect Canada’s Navigable Waters

2009:02EI       The Need to Protect the Environment Through Comprehensive Federal or Joint Federal/Provincial Environmental Assessments

2009:03EI       Cessation of Irresponsible Production of Oil from Tar Sands in Canada

2009:04EI       Stimulating Economic Activity at Times of Economic Downturn

2008:01          Appointment of Judges to Supreme Court of Canada

2008:02          Inadequacies in Income Transfer Programs for Low Income Seniors

2008:03          Call for a National Energy Strategy for Canada

2008:04          The Establishment of a National Denticare Program

2008:05          Mining Waste Pollution Reporting

2008:06          Need for Reform of the Employment Insurance Program

2008:07          Point of Sale Security

2008:08          Call for Canadian Support for UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Policy Updates

2008:01PU     Child and Family Poverty Reduction Strategies

2008:02PU     Midwifery Services in Canada

2008:03PU     Nuclear Power Phase-out

2008:05PU     The Need for a National Fire Advisor

2008:06PU     Changing the National Building Code to Improve Safety From Fire

Emerging Issues

2008:01EI       Guidelines on the Use of Stun Weapons

2008:02EI       Cluster Munitions

2008:03EI       Government Discretion in Awarding Tax Credits to Film and Video Productions

2008:04EI       The Canadian Book Exchange Centre

2007:01          Concerning Proposed Reform of the Canadian Senate

2007:02          Regulation of Canadian Mining Companies Operating Outside Canada

2007:03          Migrant Farm Workers and Employment Insurance

2007:04          Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Low-cost Mortgage Insurance and Accumulated Surplus

2007:05          Improve Legibility of List of Ingredients on Food Labels

2007:06          Independent External Accountability Mechanism for Federal Women’s Prisons

2007:07          Protection of Children from Violent Video Games

Policy Update 

2007:01PU     Women and HIV/AIDS

2006:01          Protection for Aboriginal Women and Children from Family Violence

2006:02          National Anti-Poverty Legislation

2006:03          Permanent Residence for Nationals of Moratoria Countries

2006:04          Private Health Insurance

2006:05          Small Arms and Light Weapons Trade

2006:06          Investing in Post Secondary Education

2006:07          Gender as an Identifiable Group in the Criminal Code

2006:09          Wetlands Conservation

Policy Updates

2006:01PU     Helping Foreign Trained Professionals Access Accreditation

2006:02PU     Protecting Prime Farmlands in Canada

Emerging Issues

2006:01EI       Upholding the Public Health Care System: Banning Dual Practice Medicine

2006:02EI       Support for Victims of Human Trafficking

2005:01          The Canada Learning Bond and RESPs

2005:02          Corrections and Conditional Release Act ss. 81 and 84 Federally Sentenced Women

2005:03          Defined Benefits Pension Plans at Risk

2005:04          Funding for Travel and Accommodation Costs of Attending Government Consultations and Meetings

2005:05          Inclusive National Anthem

2005:06          Increase Canada’s Financial Contribution to the Global Fund for HIV/AIDS

2005:07          Routine Inclusion of HIV Test in Prenatal Testing

Policy Updates

2005:01PU     Federally Sentenced Women

2005:02PU     Public Private Partnerships (P3s)

2005:03PU     On International Trade

2005:04PU     Sexual Exploitation of Temporary Foreign Workers in the Adult Entertainment Industry

Emerging Issues

2005:01EI       Saving the Food and Drugs Act

2004.01          Criminalize the Use of Date Rape Drugs

2004.02          Funding in the Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector

2004.03          Preventing Abuse of Women and Female Children in Polygamous Communities

2004.04          Implementation of All United Nations Human Rights Conventions Ratified by Canada

2004.05          Public – Private Partnerships

2004.06          Restricting Trans Fatty Acids in Food

2004.07          Rights To Same Sex Marriage

2004.08          Supporting Women Prisoners Through Restorative Justice

2004.09          Women Essential to Peace

2004.10          World Trade Agreements and the Non-profit Social Service Sector

Policy Updates

2004:01PU     Balancing Protection against International Terrorism and the Protection of Civil Rights

2004:02PU     Cancellation of the Unsustainable Debt of less Developed Countries

2004:03PU     Rights to Food: Food Security for all Canadians

2004:04PU     Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

2004:05PU     Nuclear/Energy/Future

Emerging Issues

2004.01EI       Protecting Family Law

2003:01          Accountability for Federally Transferred Funds

2003:02          Campaign for Fairer Trade Rules

2003:03          Helping Foreign-trained Health Care Professionals Access Accreditation

2003:04          Resources for Rural and Urban Municipalities

2003:05          Low Frequency Active Sonar Systems

2003:06          Informing Immigrants

2003:07          Possible Deleterious Effects of Vaccines

2003:08          Involving Youth in the Democratic Process

2003:09          Medical Savings Account

Policy Updates

2003:01PU     Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

2003:02PU     Danger of Nuclear Weapons Readiness

2003:03PU     Genetic Test Results and Insurance Claims

2003:04PU     Mega Hydro Electric Projects in Canada’s North

Emerging Issues

2003:01EI       A Fifth World Conference for Women

2002:01          Balancing Protection Against International Terrorism And The Protection Of Civil Rights

2002:02          Electoral Reform / Proportional Representation

2002:03          Notification Of Seniors Re Eligibility For Support

2002:04          Gambling And Games Of Chance

2002:05          Relocation Of Wild Animals

2002:06          Raising The Age Of Protection For Children And Youth From Sexual Exploitation

2002:07          Access Of Adults to Youth and Children For Sexual Purposes Via The Internet

2002:08          Financing For Development

2002:09          Access To Health Care – Addressing Language Barriers

2002:10          Building Greater Democracy, Accountability and Coherence Into Global Governance Institutions

Policy Updates

2002:01PU     Urban Transit

2002:02PU     Affordable Housing

2002:03PU     The Precautionary Principle

2002:04PU     New Reproductive Technologies

2002:05PU     Democratizing Global Trade Institutions

2002:06PU     Cancellation Of Unstainable Debt

2002:07PU     Domestic Violence – Shared Parenting

Emergency Policy

2002:01EM     Charitable Advocacy

2002:02EM     Control Of Access To Nictoine Laced Products Such As Candy And Lip Balm By Children Under 18

2002:03EM     Accountability For Government Created Foundations And Funds

2002:04EM     Protection Of Human Rights Of Aboriginal Peoples In Canada

2002:05EM     The Use Of Pesticides

2002:06EM     Netpen Aquaculture ( Fish Farms)

2002:07EM     Recordable Media Levy

2002:08EM     Canadian Sovereignty And Dollarization

2001:01          Quality End-of-Life Care: The Right of Every Canadian

2001:02          Royalties to Canadian Artists on The Second Sale of Visual Art

2001:03          Reassert the Powers of the Federal Government

2001:04          Decriminalization of the Non-Medical Use of Illegal Drugs

2001:05          Prostitution and Trafficking in Women and Girls

2001:06          Strengthening and Enforcing Canada’s Immigration Policies, including Gender Sensitivity

2001:07          United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)

Policy Updates

2001:01PU     Federal Government Role in Health Care

2001:02PU     Trucking and Highway Safety Standards

2001:03PU     Water and Multinational Trade Agreements

2001:04PU     Equal Benefits for Part-Time Workers

Emergency Policy

2001:01EM     Stem Cell Research Guidelines

2001:02EM     A Commissioner for Canada’s Children

2000.01          Health Policy and Protection Branch Regulations

  1. Public Participation in Defining Health Policy

B    Health Protection Branch Regulations

  1. Reporting of Clinical Studies
  2. Inappropriate Use of Therapeutic and Non-Therapeutic Products

2000.02             Protecting Children From Physical Violence – Section 43 of the Criminal Code

2000.03          Unjust Treatment of Children in Assault Cases

2000.04          Needs of Canadians With Disabilities

2000.05          Monitoring Dixon in Animal Feed and the Effect on Human Health

2000.06          Improving Standards for Garment Workers

Policy Updates

2000.01PU     Child Care

2000.02PU     Home Care

2000.03PU     Child Poverty and Benefits

2000.04PU     Genetic Engineering / Research

2000.05PU     Dismantling of the Federal Health Protection Branch

Emergency Policy

2000.01EM      Genetic Testing

2000.02EM     Surrogate Motherhood

2000.03EM     Regulation of Reproductive and Genetic Technologies

2000.04EM     Concentration of Ownership of the Media

2000.05EM     Disaster Assistance for Prairie Farmers to Mitigate Cumulative Effects of Unprecedented Rainfall

2000.06EM     Re Genetic Engineering/Public Awareness/Trade

99.1 Implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Canada

99.2 An International Convention for Humanitarian Aid

99.3 Discrimination Against the Poor

99.4 Homelessness

99.5 Building an Economy that Serves People

99.6 An Independent Health Protection Branch / Vital to public Health

99.7 Alternative Multilateral Agreement on Investment


99.1 PU The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

99.2 PU Taking Action on Global Climate Change

99.3 PU Women and HIV / Aids

99.4 PU Banking Services and Rules for Disclosure


99.1 EM Discriminatory Cuts to Employment Insurance

99.2 EM Cancellation of Unsustainable Debt of Less Developed Countries

99.3 EM The Tobin Tax

99.4 EM Elder Abuse

99.5 EM Working Towards Peace

99.6 EM Supporting Ratification of the Rome Statute Establishing the International Criminal Court

98.1 Violence Against Women

98.2 Renegotiation of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

98.3 Ensuring Biodiversity/Biosecurity in Canada

98.4 Mandatory Labelling and Long-Term Testing of Genetically Engineered Foods

98.5 Senior’s Benefit and Erosion of Savings

98.6 Globalization : Negotiating Multilateral trade Agreements (with particular reference to MAI)

98.7 Reinvestment of Federal Budgetary Surplus

98.8 Banking Services and Rules for Disclosure

98.10 To Establish an Effective and Just International Criminal Court


98.1EM Economic Gender Equality Indicators and Gender Analysis

98.2EM To Maintain Competition Between Canadian Banks and Choices for their Clients

98.3EM To Require the National Energy Board (NEB) to Investigate Effects of Changes in Energy Demand

98.4EM Child Custody and Access

97.1 Retaining the Canada Pension Plan

97.2 Support for the Family Caregiver

97.3 Immigration Policy

97.4 Protecting Canada’s Environment

97.5 Nuclear Weapons – Abolition 2000

97.6 Toward a New Relationship Between Aboriginal Peoples and Other Canadians

97.7 Elimination of Coercive Population Control Methods in the Third World Countries

97.8 Regulations Regarding Tobacco Products


97.9PU Social Assistance Standards

97.10PU Child Proctection Services in Canada

97.11PU Nucelear/Energy Future

97.12PU Eliminating Child Poverty in Canada


97.13EM Codex International Threat to Health Freedom

97.14EM Privatization of Water Purification and Distribution Systems

97.15EM Federal-Provincial Negotiations

96.1 Safeguarding Canada’s Arctic Sovereignty

96.2 Safeguarding Canada’s Arctic Sovereignty Through Self-Surveillance

96.3 Encouraging the Use of Ethanol Blended Fuels

96.4 Support for the Elderly in First Nation Communities

96.5 Sex Selection for Non-Medical Reasons

96.6 Old Age Security

96.7 Land Mines

96.8 Trucking Standards and Highway Safety

96.9 Farm Safety/Adequate Child Care

96.10 Tax Incentives for Sustainable Form of Energy

96.11 Assisted Suicides/Euthanasia


96.12PU Child Care Deductions for People on Unemployment Insurance Who Are in Training Programs

96.13PU The Seniors Benefit

96.14PU Women as Family Caregivers


96.15EM Child Prostitution, Child Sex Tourism, Criminal Harassment and Female Genital Mutilation

96.16EM The Release of Confidential Therapeutic Records of Rape Complainants

96.17EM The Use of Radioactive Waste in Weapons and Military Vehicles

96.18EM Child Care Support Payments and Agreements

96.19EM Eliminating the Abusive Exploitation of Child Labourers

95.1 Measures to Prevent and Reduce Non-Compliance in Child Support Obligations

95.2 Support for Programme of Action of International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)

95.3 Towards More Efficient Use of Federal Funds

95.4 Mandatory Testing of Persons Charged With Sexual Assault

95.5 Resolution Regarding the Needs of Immigrating Women, Victims of Spousal/Family Violence

95.6 Marketing Bioengineered Food, Including Dairy Products


95.7PU Basic National Curriculum

95.8PU Standards for Feminine Hygiene Products

95.9PU Sewage Treatment/Wastewater Facilities

95.10PU Tax Benefits for Child Care

95.11PUQ Social Security Reform Questionnaire

(Includes Updates on: Federal Debt, Unemployment Insurance, Literacy Training, Apprenticeship Training, Funding Standards, Child Care and Child Support)


95.12EM The Family and The Immigration and Citizenship Plan 1995 – 2000

95.13EM Oath of Allegiance

95.14EM Social Assistance Standards

95.15EM Dying with Dignity

95.16EM OAS Based on Family Income

95.17EM Bill C-62, The Regulatory Efficiency Act

94.1 Pornography Prevention

94.2a Improved Situation of Children in Cases of Separation and Divorce (Part 1)

94.2b Improving the Situation of Children in Cases of Separation and Divorce (Part 2)

94.3 Amending Canada Assistance Plan (CAP) Agreements With the Provinces

94.4 Incentives for Workplace Childcare

94.5 Review of the Role and Function of Social Programs

94.6 Income Tax Act/Stay-At-Home Parents

94.7EM Emergency Resolution: International Social Service Canada (ISS Canada)

94.8 Increased Emphasis on Research into the Causes of Breast Cancer

94.9 Testing Immigrants for AIDS and HIV


94.10PU Pesticides

94.11PU Chemicals and Hazardous Products

94.12PU Screening of Donors for Artificial Insemination Procedures

93.1 Water, Free Trade and NAFTA

93.2 Follow up of UNCED Conventions re: Women and Development

93.3EM Emergency Resolution: Protection of Women and Children in Emergency or Armed Conflict

93.4 New Programs for Native Peoples

93.5 Changes to the Income Tax Act

93.6 Federal Funding for Private Sector Training Program

93.7EM Emergency Resolution: Reducing Unemployment

93.8 To Amend the Young Offenders Act

93.9 Protecting Public Employees who Report Wrongdoing

93.10EM Emergency Resolution: Battered Women’s Defence

93.11RE Reiteration of Policy: Institution of Ombudsman

93.12PU Policy Update: Equality of Health Care Services for Canadians

93.13RU Reiteration and Update of Policy: International Law of the Sea

93.14RU Reiteration and Update of Policy: Pensions for Members of Parliament

93.15RE Reiteration of Policy: Development Assistance

93.16RU Reiteration and Update of Policy: Disarmament



  1. U.N. High Commissioner and World Court for Human Rights
  2. Education for Human Rights and Democracy
  3. More Effective Poverty Reduction Plan through Greater Involvement of Women
  4. More Effective Poverty Reduction through Price and Trade RESOLUTIONS
  5. To accept Refugees who are in Danger because of Gender

93.1 Water, Free Trade and NAFTA

93.2 Follow up of UNCED Conventions re: Women and Development

93.3EM Emergency Resolution: Protection of Women and Children in Emergency or Armed Conflict

93.4 New Programs for Native Peoples

93.5 Changes to the Income Tax Act

93.6 Federal Funding for Private Sector Training Program

93.7EM Emergency Resolution: Reducing Unemployment

93.8 To Amend the Young Offenders Act

93.9 Protecting Public Employees who Report Wrongdoing

93.10EM Emergency Resolution: Battered Women’s Defence

93.11RE Reiteration of Policy: Institution of Ombudsman

93.12PU Policy Update: Equality of Health Care Services for Canadians

93.13RU Reiteration and Update of Policy: International Law of the Sea

93.14RU Reiteration and Update of Policy: Pensions for Members of Parliament

93.15RE Reiteration of Policy: Development Assistance

93.16RU Reiteration and Update of Policy: Disarmament

92.1 Cuts in Shared Cost Housing Renovation Programs

92.2 Plea Bargaining

92.3 Sentencing

92.4 Contempt Proceedings

92.5 Shield Laws

92.6 Appointment of Judges

92.7 Gender Unfairness

92.8 The Use of Observers at Refugees Board Hearings

92.9 Access to Resources to Reduce Elder Abuse

92.10 Ban Production and Export of Tetraethyl Lead

92.11 Removal of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFS’s) from Used Equipment and the Training of those Handling CFC’s

92.12 Protection of Canada’s Ecosystems and National Parks

92.13 Endangering Wildlife Through Poaching and Trafficking for Profit

92.14 Halt the Promotion of Nuclear Technology as Safe Energy Options in Canada and Abroad

92.15 NATO and Norad Low-Level Military Training Flights in Canada


92.16EM Improved Treatment for Women with Aids

92.17EM Idling of Internal Combustion Engines

92.18EM Female Sexual Mutilation


92.19PU Child Care

92.20PU Housing

91.1 Eliminating Child Poverty

91.2 Operational Funding for Women’s Groups

91.3 Rescinding Bill C-69: The Government Expenditures Restraint Act

91.4 Gun Control

91.5 Support for Media Literacy

91.6 Public Safety in Emergencies

91.7 Overpackaging

91.8 Renewable Sources of Energy

91.9 Urban Transit

91.10 The Interdiction of Unauthorized Hazardous Wastes Entering Canada

91.11 Reimbursement for Municipal Costs Incurred in Apprehension and Conviction of Drug Dealers


91.12PU Canadian Broadcasting

91.13PU Labour Force Training


91.14EM Radiation Doses

91.15EM Free Trade with Mexico

91.16EM Grande Baleine Hydro Electric Development Project


90.1 Unequal Treatment of Women in the Canadian Court System

90.2 Gender Equality in the Courts

90.3 Pesticide Residue on Imported Fruits and Vegetables

90.4 Government Clawback of Old Age Security Pensions/Family Allowances

90.5 Goods and Service Tax and Debt Reduction

90.6 Implications for Voluntary Organizations of the Goods & Service Tax

90.7 Improving Human Rights Commissions

EMERGENCY RESOLUTIONS – (Wording taken from the 1991 Yearbook)

90.8EM Reading Material, the GST and Illiteracy

90.9EM International Agreements on Environmental Costs in Pricing of Products

90.10EM Boycott of War Toys

90.11EM Ozone Depletion

90.12EM Young Offenders Act

90.13EM Global Warming

89.1 Reduction of Emissions of Ozone-Depleting Chemicals

89.2 Groundwater Quality Contamination

89.3 Reduction of Federal Government Debt

89.4 Energy Conservation

89.5 National Objectives for Child Care

89.6 Postponement of Sexual Involvement

89.7 Environment

89.8 Protection of Society from Dangerous Offenders


89.9PU Policy Update: Welfare of Women Prisoners (1981)

89.10PU Policy Update: Disarmament (1982)


89.11NP New Policy–For Information: Reproductive Technology


89.12EM Emergency Resolution: Forest Management

89.13EM Emergency Resolution: Pornography

89.14EM Emergency Resolution: Aviation Safety


89.15RA Ratification of Policy introduced in 1989-Sentencing Reform

88.1 Housing: A National Emergency

88.2 Taxing Food or Other Basic Consumer Goods

88.3 Actions to Deal with Adult Literacy

88.4 Minimum Wage and Unemployment

88.5 Therapeutic Sterilization of Severely Handicapped Persons

88.6 Guidelines for Sexually Explicit or Violent Advertisements

88.7 Improved Tax Treatment of Interest Income

88.8 Economic Recognition of Volunteerism

88.9 Training Programmes for Women

88.10 Hate Propaganda


88.11PU Update of Policy Regarding Reproductive Rights

88.12PU Update of Plant Breeders’ Rights (Bill C-107)


88.13RE Reiteration 1983 Policy on Prostitution and Soliciting

88.14RE Reiteration 1984 Policy on Amendment of Criminal Records Act

88.15RE Reiteration 1986 Policy on Equality


88.16EM Emergency Resolution: Rescuing Bill C-54 — The Regulation of Pornography

88.17EM Emergency Resolution: Free Trade Agreement

88.18EM Emergency Resolution: Sentencing Reform: A Canadian Approach



87.1 Seniors Bridging Allowance

87.2 Canadian Broadcasting

87.3 Armaments Reduction

87.4 Sexual Abuse of Children

87.5 Environment Canada Cutbacks

87.6 Irradiation of Foods

87.7 Improving the Tax Treatment of Child Care Expenses

87.8 Infant Safety

87.9 Legislation to Protect Non-Smokers

87.10 International Law of the Sea


87.11EM Emergency Resolution: Child Care


87.12IC Progress Review on the Forward Looking Strategies

87.13IC Women as Users and Producers of Statistics

87.14IC Women and Reproductive Technologies

87.15IC Reproductive Health Protection in Employment

87.16IC Participation and Representation of Women in the World of the United Nations

87.17IC United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners

87.18IC Irradiation of Foods

87.19RE Resolution Reiterated to the International Council of Women: Acid Rain

86.1 Pornography

86.2 Equal Benefits for Part Time Work

86.3 Information re Prescription Drugs

86.4 The Conservation of Canada’s Arctic Heritage

86.5 Palliative Care

86.6 Job Sharing and Unemployment

86.7 Improved Follow-Up of the Auditor General’s Annual Report

86.8 Chemicals and Ecosystem

86.9 Legalization of Midwifery


86.10EM Emergency Resolution: Equality

86.11EM Emergency Resolution: Women in Conflict with the Law

86.12EM Emergency Resolution: Funding Cuts to Studio “D”

86.13EM Emergency Resolution: Cabooseless Freight Trains

86.14EM Emergency Resolution: Generic Drugs

86.15EM Emergency Resolution: Tobacco Marketing Board

86.16EM Emergency Resolution: Legalization of the Drug, Depo-Provera

86.17EM Emergency Resolution: Child Care


85.1 Alcohol Duties and Taxes

85.2 Expanded Use of Mediation – with Standards for Mediation Professionals

85.3 Standardization and Reduction in Number of Package Sizes

85.4 Non-Publication of Names of Accused and/or Arrested Persons

85.5 Safe Drinking Water

85.6 National River Basin Management Policy

85.7 Safe Storage and Disposal of Hazardous Products


85.8EM Emergency Resolution: Deregulation of Telephone Industry

85.9EM Emergency Resolution: Support of Radio Canada International

85.10EM Emergency Resolution: Canadian Participation in the Development of “Star Wars” Technology

85.11EM Emergency Resolution: Budget Cuts to Environmental and Wildlife Research Program

85.12EM Emergency Resolution: Amendment to the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners

85.13EM Emergency Resolution: Amendment to the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners

85.14EM Emergency Resolution: Inter-State Adoptions

(Request for reiteration and update of 1966 Resolution)

84.1 Reduction of Lead Levels in the Environment

84.2 Assistance for Canada’s Universities

84.3 Fire Safety

84.4 Amendment Criminal Records Act

84.5 Appraisal Military Strength

84.6 Plant Breeder’s Rights Legislation

84.7 United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization Program (FAO)

84.8 Pension Plan Period of Exclusion

84.9 International Year of the Family

84.10 Claiming Refugee Status in Canada


84.11EM Emergency Resolution: South Moresby

84.12EM Emergency Resolution: Drunk Driving

84.13EM Emergency Resolution: Maintenance/Alimony Defaulted Payments

83.1 Medicare: Reiteration of 1980 Resolution with 2 Additions

83.2 Pornography

83.3 Post Secondary Education Courses in Canadian Penitentiaries

83.4 Pacific Rim National Park

83.5 Amendments to Unemployment Insurance Act – Re: Maternity Benefits

83.6 Women and Video Display Terminals

83.7 Education Program re Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

83.8 Flat Rate Salary Increases – Equitable Wage Settlements

83.9 Computer Theft

83.10 Improved and Faster Passenger Rail Service

83.11 Upgrading Rail Facilities

83.12 Female Students and New Technology

83.13 Prostitution and Soliciting

83.14 Child Care Assistance

83.15 Pornography


82.1 Control of Inflation

82.2 Disabled Persons: Expansion of Canada Pension Amendments to Income Tax Act

82.3 Education on Hazards of the Use of Marijuana

82.4 Restriction on the use of Certain Chemicals (Pesticides)

82.5 Biogas – A Soft Energy Path

82.6 Instruction for Immigrant Women

82.7 Income Tax Amendments Preservation of Historic Buildings

82.8 Canadian Policy for Development Assistance


82.9PR Support of Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Centres

82.10PR Abuse of the Elderly


82.11EM Emergency Resolution: Emergency Broadcast Regulations

82.12EM Emergency Resolution: Canadian Policy at the 2nd U.N. Special Session on Disarmament (UNSSOD II) June/July 1982

82.13EM Emergency Resolution: Canadian Housing Crisis

82.14EM Emergency Resolution: Nuclear Proliferation and Sale of Candu and Fuel

81.1 Pension Reform Retirement Income

81.2 Improving Pensions for Women

81.3 Enforcement of Family Law/Support and Maintenance Orders

81.4 Income Tax Amendments/Donation to Funds

81.5 Battered Wives

81.6 Child Abuse – Preventative Teams

81.7 Rape Legislation

81.8 Welfare of Women Prisoners


81.9EM Emergency Resolution: Mortgage Interest Rates

80.1 Medicare

80.2 Child Abuse

80.3 Conservation of Water Resources

80.4 Apprentice Training in Canada

80.5 Appointment of Women in Proportionate Numbers

80.6 Restriction on the Use of Social Insurance Numbers

80.7 Participation of Women in Private Pension Plans (Portability and Vesting Provisions)

80.8 Canadian Core Curriculum

80.9 Nuclear Power

80.10 Renewable Energy Sources


79.1 Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value

79.2 Upward Mobility

79.3 Women in the Visual Arts Field

79.4 Income Tax Amendments

79.5 Safety Closures for Hazardous Products

79.6EM Emergency Resolution: Danger to Canadian Citizens – New Soviet Citizenship Law

79.7 Offensive Television Advertising

79.8 Alcohol Use Education

79.9 Fluoridation of Water

78.1 Income Tax Deductions for Volunteers

78.2 Acid Rain

78.3 Environmental Impact Assessment

78.4 Clean Water for Every Human Settlement

78.5 Health and Welfare Services (1)

78.6 Health and Welfare Services (2)

78.7 Collective Bargaining

Section II

78.8 Marijuana

78.9 Code System for Food

78.10 Abduction of Child

78.11 Pornography

78.12 Averting Strikes in Essential Services

78.13 Bill C71 — Criminal Code — Rape

78.14 Fluoridation

78.15 Plight of Children in the Ukraine

78.16 Freedom of Movement and Ideas (1977)


77.1 Transition from a Consumer Society to a Conserver Society

77.2 Decade for Women

77.3 The Right of the Canadian Public in Information Concerning the Public Business

77.4 Labour Settlement

77.5 Respect for Humanitarian Provisions of Helsinki’s ‘Final Act’ Agreement

77.6 Land — Use Planning for Canada

77.7 Shoreline Management Act

77.8 Upgrading the Quality of Television Programming for Youth

77.9 Young Offenders Bill

77.10 Nutrition Canada

77.11 Natural Methods of Family Planning

77.12 Heritage

77.13 Aerosol Containers

77.14 The Safety of Food Packaging Materials

76.1 Satellite Communications

76.2 Nuclear Pollution

76.3 Health Problems Related to Environmental Problems

76.4 Homemakers and the Canada Pension Plan

76.5 The Human Rights Act and Affirmative Action for Employment Opportunity

76.6 Women and the Canadian Citizenship Act

76.7 No Fault Divorce

76.8 Bill C71

76.9 Income Tax Deductions for Delegates Attending Conventions of Voluntary Organizations

76.10 Common Studies Program

76.11 National Waters

76.12 Tax Exemption on Incomes Below Minimum Poverty Levels (Guaranteed Annual Income)

76.13 Canadian Human Rights Commission

76.14 The Aged

76.15 Canada’s Immigration Policy

76.16 Broadcast Imports


76.17EM Emergency Resolution: Scientific Research

75.1 Satellite Transmissions and Copyright Problems

75.2 High-Rise Buildings

75.3 Integrated Family Court System

75.4 Bureaus of Child Development

75.5 United Nations World Population and Food Conferences

75.6 Alcohol – Food and Drug Act

75.7 Advertising the Dangers of Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol

75.8 Moral Education

75.9 The Aged

75.10 Hazardous Cargo: A Threat to Passenger Safety

75.11 The Control of the Use of Firearms

75.12 Alternate Source of Energy

75.13 Income Tax Exemption for Interest on Private Home Mortgages

75.14A Surviving Spouse’s Benefits Under the Public Service Superannuation Act

75.14B Surviving Spouse’s Benefits Under the Canada Pension Plan

75.15 Extension of Registered Retirement Savings Plan

75.16 Control of Advertising Directed at Children


75.17EM Emergency Resolution: Children’s Rights

75.18EM Emergency Resolution: Abortion

75.19EM Emergency Resolution: Women and Health: Circumcision and Infibulation of Females

74.1 The Right to Status of Indian Women

74.2 Strikes in the Public Sector

74.3 Land Use and Land Use Planning Study

74.4 Immigration Act and Children of Canadian Mothers

74.5 Prohibition of Advertising of Alcohol and Tobacco

74.6 Training Program in Drug Abuse Recognition and Prevention

74.7 A Reduction of the Widespread Placement of Nuclear Electric Generating Plants

74.8 Sex Discrimination Welfare Legislation

74.9 Economic Value of Home and Volunteer Work

74.10 Canada Census 1971

74.11 Chemicals Used in Meat and Poultry Production

74.12 Poison Prevention Week

74.13 Policy on Encouragement of Small Labour Intensive Industries

74.14 Cultural and Biological Research

74.15 Pornographic Publications

74.16 Equity of Wife at Termination of Marriage by Divorce


74.17EM Emergency Resolution: Nutrition Canada

74.18EM Emergency Resolution: Social Insurance Numbers

74.19EM Emergency Resolution: High-Rise Buildings


73.1 Affirmative Action Plans for Employment Opportunity

73.2 Equality in Fringe Benefit Plans

73.3 Policewomen in the R.C.M.P.

73.4 Pension Plan for Members of Parliament

73.5 Preservation of Audio Visual Material

73.6 Heritage Preservation

73.7 Building Safety Standards as they Concern Handicapped People

73.8 The Old Age Security Pension

73.9 Official Recognition of the Homemaker in Canada

73.10 Participation by Homemakers in a Contributory Social Security Program

73.11 Begging as an Offence

73.12 Financial Aid to Local, Provincial and National Women’s Voluntary Organizations

73.13 Canadian Population Conference

73.14 Establishment of Population Council

73.15 Phenoxy Herbicides

73.16 Wastewater Treatment

72.1 Need for Consumer Education Films

72.2 A Year’s Service to Canada

72.3 Occupational Training for Adults Program

72.4 Appointments to the Senate and the Courts

72.5 Student Loans

72.6 Re Bill S-20, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code

72.7 Sewage Treatment Facilities

72.8 Prevention of Waste of Natural Resources

72.9 Day Care Centres

72.10 Policy on Day Care for Children of Working Mothers

72.11 Poverty and the Sole-Support Parent

72.12 Vagrancy and Victimized Women

72.13 Status of Women Council


72.14EM Emergency Resolution: Import and Sale of Firecrackers

72.15EM Emergency Resolution: Drug Use – Second LeDain Report


71.1 Uniform Highway Traffic Regulations

71.2 Elimination of Undesirable Films and Documentaries from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Network, and Time Restrictions of Films for Children

71.3 Hostels for Travelling Youth

71.4 Adoption of the Metric System

71.5 The Desirability of Preserving Objects of Historical and Cultural Value

71.6 Canadian “Short” Documentaries

71.7 Abortion

70.1 Central Information and Referral Services

70.2 Purchase of Prison Services for Women

70.3 Appointment of Senior Officer Responsible for Treatment of Women Offenders

70.4 Taxation of Income Below the Poverty Level

70.5 Approval of CRTC Announced Policy

70.6 National Film Board


70.A Central Information and Referral Services

70.B Incentive Earnings Under the Canada Assistance Plan

69.1 Women’s Participation in Pension Plans

69.2 National Parks

69.3 Control of Stramonium and Other Drugs

69.4 Hazards of Colour Television

Reiteration of Previous Policy RESOLUTIONS

68.1 Institution of Ombudsman

68.2 Family Unit Taxation

68.3 Estate Tax Exemption

68.4 Position of the Sole-Parent Under the Adult Occupational Training Act

68.5 World Peace Keeping Operations

68.6 Prevention of Air Pollution

68.7 Income Tax Exemption For 65 Year Olds and Over


68.A Safety Regarding Ski Lifts

68.B Safety Regarding Motorized Snow Vehicles

68.C.Consumer Education

67.1 Grants for Social Welfare in Urban Renewal

67.2 Income Tax Act–Marital or Equivalent Exemption

67.3 Indian Band Election Regulations

67.4 Resolution Concerning the Population Explosion

67.5 Hazardous Imported Goods

67.6 Revisions to Canadian Bill of Rights

67.7 Disposition of Indian Lands

67.8 Establishment of Rehabilitation Centres for Children who are Victims of War

67.9 Rehabilitation of Children who are Victims of War, and Training of Personnel

67.10 National Council of Women Chairman of Conservation and Recreation