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Here is a quick reference to search for NCWC Policy listed by topic and year.  To read the complete copy of the Resolution document passed during a specific year, go to Policy By Year and click on the + sign to open up the section.

1974 Restore the status of women married to non-Indians
1977 Study the Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and undertake appropriate action using a conciliatory process to create a new and better relationship between the government of Canada and Aboriginal Peoples.

1992 Establish a national comprehensive childcare policy
1994 Amend the Divorce Act (1985) to include minimum obligations for the non-custodial parent with regard to child support, and amend the Criminal Code to include as a criminal offence the hiding of assets
1996 Public policy that recognizes the contribution of unpaid work
1997 Take a lead role in making the elimination of child poverty a priority issue in Canada
1997 Develop and institute a system, which ensures a minimum standard of financial security for the family caregiver
2002 Raising the Age of Protection for Children and Youth From Sexual Exploitation
2004 Preventing Abuse of Women and Female Children in Polygamous Communities

1971 Remove sections pertaining to abortion
1990 Ensure all judges, legal counsel and police under federal jurisdiction receive education on sexual assault
1993 Undertake an en bloc review of cases, with a view to release of women currently imprisoned as a result of their involvement in the deaths of abusive partners
1996 Develop strict regulations whereby assisted suicide and euthanasia might be allowed without being removed from the Criminal code
1996 Ensure that section 212 of the Criminal Code is applied to the tour operators and travel agents offering sex tours
1996 Introduce legislation that will guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of the therapeutic records of rape complaints
2006 Gender as an Identifiable Group in the Criminal Code

1980 The Council of Education Ministers to standardize the education core curriculum at the primary and secondary levels of education.

2002 Electoral Reform/Proportional Representation

1980 Make the conservation of natural resources and development of renewable energy sources a priority
1985 Maintain the budget of environmental research programs
1989 Draft, implement and enforce regulations for reduction of ozone depleting chemicals
1991 Regulations to reduce effects on the environment by reducing, reusing, recycling of packaging materials
1997 Retain and promote an active, independent and strong regulatory role in the protection of the environment
1999 Taking Action on Climate Change
2003 Mega Hydro Electric Projects in Canada’s North

2000 Genetic Engineering/Research, recommending appropriate resourcing and the precautionary principle
2000 RE Genetic Engineering/Public Awareness/Trade, recommending public forums and mandatory labeling

1998 Globalization: Negotiating Multilateral Trade Agreements (with reference to the MAI), which outlines the considerations for economic, political and constitutional sovereignty of Canada in negotiating Free Trade Agreements
2001 Water and Multilateral Trade Agreements urges the protection of Canada’s water, that it is not a commodity and that there must a prohibition of the bulk export of fresh water

1986 Recognize midwifery as a health care specialty and encourage provincial governments to enact licensing of midwifery
1986 Warning stickers on prescription and non-prescription drugs, re: side effects when combined with certain foods and other drugs
1992 Pass legislation making female genital mutilation illegal in Canada
1993 Commit to continued and adequate budgeting support for Medicare to ensure quality of service in health care for Canadians in all provinces and territories
2001 Quality End-of-Life Care: The Right of Every Canadian
2005 Routine Includsion of HIV Test in Prenatal Testing

1992 Maintain a strong housing policy that will ensure an adequate supply of affordable housing across Canada

1982 Increased promotion and accessibility of instruction for immigrant women especially in language, citizenship, and social integration
1977 Limit the number of special permits, and amend the act to prohibit persons from receiving immigrant status if they have been convicted of a criminal offence
2006 Helping Foreign Trained Professionals Access Accreditation

1970 Exemption from taxation of persons with income below the minimum poverty levels
1993 Institute a tax credit for low and middle income retired Canadians on the first $1000 of interest from Canadian sources

1996 NCWC approved Canada’s unilateral ban on the use, production, and export of anti-personnel land mines

2004 Rights to Same Sex Marriage

1987 Seniors Bridging Allowance to be provided to single persons between ages of 60-64
1996 Retain the Old Age Security payments and continue to have them based on individual incomes
1997 Use stricter rules to retain the CPP/QPP with full indexation and adjustments to ensure its viability and financial stability
2008 Need for Reform of the Employment Insurance Program

1986 Amend the Criminal Code to establish clear terminology and categories for pornography, provides specific laws against the use of children for pornography, establish import standards at international borders and improve training for Customs Officers involved
1994 Use stricter enforcement and increased consequences for the violation of regulations in the production, distribution and possession of pornographic materials in Canada, including cross border traffic
1994 Strict enforcement of the new child pornography law

1991 Review recent disasters to discover ways and means of improving official and public responses to emergencies.
2008 Guidelines on the Use of Stun Weapons

1967 Support for the establishment of a Royal Commission of the Status of Women
1973 Establish an affirmative action program to improve the economic opportunities of women in Canada
1973 Amendment to the CPP so that homemakers can participate in his/her own right in the CPP
1974 Equal division of property acquired by marriage unit during years of marriage partnership
1979 Enforce the equal pay of work of equal value legislation
1980 Appoint women in proportionate numbers to federal decision-making bodies
1981 Improved education, rehabilitation and recreation programs for female prisoners; and construction for regional prisons for women
1992 A review of the judicial appointment procedure and the establishment of a system to ensure that 50% of all newly appointed judges are women
2007 Independent External Accountability Mechanism for Federal Women’s Prisons

1998 To Establish an Effective and Just International Criminal Court
1999 Implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
1999 An International Convention on Humanitarian Aid
2001 Un High Commission for Refugees

1998 Violence Against Women, urging enactment of a zero tolerance policy

1990 Thorough examination of the Young Offenders Act and the root cause of youth violence before the Act is revised
1993 Amend the Young Offenders Act in such a way that emphasis is placed on the rehabilitation and education of young offenders


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