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Charitable Organizations

The National Council of Women of Canada works with two separate organizations with charitable status in order to raise funds for our projects:

  • The National Council of Women of Canada Education Fund (NCWCEF):  The NCWCEF is a Registered Charitable Organization and a major source of the ongoing research and education work of the Council.  Funds are dedicated to projects regarding the environmental, social,mental, physical and health needs of women, families and society in general.  Much of our current work is described in the Major Project section.  NCWCEF also supports the operation of NCWC, so we especially appreciate your financial support at this time.
  • The  National Council of Women of Canada Development Organization (NCWCDO):  The NCWCDO is a Registered Charitable Organization and funds small projects doing international development.  Funds are dedicated to the support of projects in Canada and in developing countries, which are directed to educational and social welfare programs to improve the quality of life for women and their families.

NCWCEF and NCWCDO can now accept on line donations to these funds, and you will receive a charitable receipt.