Celebrating Women

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Celebrating Women is an on-going NCWC Education Fund Project

At the Annual Meeting in Edmonton, 2004, the Celebrating Women project was launched. This was a national touring art exhibition honouring the passion, pride and perseverance of Canadian Women. The exhibit featured the artwork of Canadian artist Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn and is a dynamic statement about the impact women have had on Canadian history.

Celebrating Women is sponsored by the National Council of Women of Canada. Developed as an education and fund raising project, Celebrating Women toured across Canada in 2004-06.

We continue to invite orders of the wonderful pieces of art, by Larisa, and limited quantities of merchandise are available.

We welcome inquires about purchasing the art work – you can phone or e-mail at 1 613 232 5024 or ncwc@magma.ca

Pricing:  View pricing and sales form at the Boutique.


Art by Larisa

Fabric of a Nation:  fabricofanation_b                   Myamautik:  myamautik_b

Breaking the Glass Ceiling:  breakingtheglassceiling_b                                           National Pride:  nationalpride_b

Golden Moment:  goldenmoment_b             Natures Gift:  naturesgift_b

Homelessness:  homelessness_b                                             Nuturing:  nurturing_b

Leadership:  leadership_b                          Stepping into Womanhood:  steppingintowomanhood_b

Onward and Upward:   onwardandupward_b

Our Precious Future:   ourpreciousfuture_b

                                   PPPB:  ppp_b