Regina Council of Women (RCW)

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Lady Ishbel Aberdeen, wife of then Governor General of Canada, founded the Regina Council of Women on October 15, 1895. Its first president was Mrs. L.A. Herchmer, wife of the Commissioner of the Northwest Mounted Police.

The Council’s purpose is based on the belief of the women of Regina that the best good for our homes and nation will be advanced by our greater unity of thought, sympathy and purpose; an organized non-sectarian and non-partisan movement will best conserve the highest good of the family and state and in application of the Golden Rule to society, custom and law.

Its strength lies in an “umbrella” aspect representing federated organization. These organizations provide ideas, leadership and support to the Council.

General meetings are held every 3rd Thursday of the month (except December, June, July and August) at the City Hall.

Contact: Roberta Swetlow,