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Nationally Organized Societies (NOS) are national organizations of women, or women and men, which have members in various parts of Canada, whose work is national in scope, and whose objectives are in harmony with those of the Council.  If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can join, please contact the NCWC office.

No society entering into federation with the National Council of Women of Canada shall lose its independence or be committed to the principles of any other federated society of National Council. It may be referred to as either Nationally Organized Society (a NOS) or as one of the federated organizations of NCWC (a federate).

Each NOS is a member of the NCWC’s voting body, receiving a weighted vote of 6, through either the Society’s President or her/his designate. NOSs are encouraged to participate in the Annual Meeting, to nominate suitable members of their organization for office in the Council and communicate with the NCWC regarding issues of mutual concern.

NOSs receive regular Council mailings, the Annual Report, and the quarterly newsletter. They will be asked to submit a report of their activities to NCWC for the Annual Meeting and are encouraged to submit items to the newsletter as well as to the NCWC office for distribution to the Council mailing list.

Current Nationally Organized Societies that are members of the National Council of Women of Canada are shown below.  

Action Canada for Population and Development

Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies
CAEFS is a federation of autonomous societies that works with, and on behalf of, women involved with the justice system, particularly women in conflict with the law. Elizabeth Fry Societies are community based agencies dedicated to offering services and programs to marginalized women, advocating for legislative and administrative reform and offering a forum within which the public may be informed about, and participate in, aspects of the justice system which affect women.

Canadian Association of Midwives

Canadian Council of Muslim Women
The Canadian Council of Muslim Women is a national organization with over 14 chapters across Canada. Their mandate is to assist Muslim women to participate more effectively in Canadian society and to promote mutual understanding between Canadian Muslim women and women of other faiths.

Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs
The Canadian Federation, as a member of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women, links business and professional women across Canada to provide support for and recognition of their achievements, and to work toward equality of opportunity and economic security for all women.

Hadassah-WIZO was founded in London in 1920, as a non-party, voluntary movement of Zionist women. Recognized by the UN as a non-governmental organization, it is a member of UNICEF and holds consultative status on ECOSOC.

League of Ukrainian Women in Canada

Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada
The Association works diligently to preserve develop and nurture the Ukrainian cultural heritage and traditions as a distinctive contribution to the national culture of Canada.

Ukrainian Women’s Organisation of Canada

Women’s Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church
The Women’s Missionary Society is a community of Christians whose purpose, in response to the love of God in Jesus Christ, is to encourage one another and all the people of the church to be involved in local and world mission through prayer, study, service and fellowship.

YWCA Canada
The YWCA is a centre of community where people from all backgrounds come together to take care of a common need or pursue a common interest; where all are welcome regardless of age, gender, faith tradition, ability, ethnicity or economic circumstances.