Study Groups

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Where there are not sufficient numbers of Organizations to form a Council, Study Groups may be formed. A Study Group is a group of individual women, who may or may not be affiliated with other community organizations.  If you would like information on how to reach the group closest to you, or if you are interested in starting a group in your area, please contact the NCWC office.

To be recognized by NCWC the group must consist of a minimum of five women, must have filed an official application to NCWC and been approved by the full voting membership at the Annual General Meeting.

Each Study Group is a member of the NCWC voting body, receiving a weighted vote of 3, through either the Group President or her designate. Each Study Group will receive regular Council mailings,the Resolutions Package, the Nomination and Election Package, Notice of the Annual Conference and the AGM, the Yearbook and the Newsletter. Study Groups will be asked to submit a report of their activities to NCWC for the Annual Report and are encouraged to submit items to the newsletter, as well as to the NCWC office for inclusion in regular mailings.

Study Groups can be formed in areas without Local Councils.

Oakville Study Group Ontario