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February 6, 2018

Response from President Sandra Cohen-Rose to Hon Melanie Joly Minister of Heritage on Museum of Heritage on Museum of History of Women


January 26, 2018

Thank you letter from Mayor Valerie Plante, La Mairesse de Montreal to the National Council of Women of Canada


January 25, 2018

Response from office of Hon. Melanie Joly, Minister of Heritage on Museum of History of Women


December 20, 2017

“Sandra Cohen-Rose, president of the National Council of Women of Canada, said stamping out sexual harassment and assault will mean tackling economic imbalances and other mechanisms that leave women vulnerable to abuses of power. “Everybody’s looking for a magic bullet that works and there just isn’t (one),” she said.” quoted in “#MeToo: Conversation on sexual harassment named 2017’s top news story“, by 


December 19, 2017

Letter to Government of Canada that practice of Female Genital Mutilation is illegal in Canada.  See Letter-Hon Ahmed D. Hussen-Citizenship-Immigration-Female Genital Mutilation Illegal in Canada-19December2019


November 30, 2017

NCWC President’s Message for December 2018.  See New Years Message from the NCWC President-December 2017


November 17 2017

Request to support initiatives to establish a Museum of History of Women in Kingston.  See Letter-Hon. Melanie Joly, Min. Canadian Heritage-Museum of History of Women  and Response from the Office of the Honourable Melanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage  and Response from President Sandra Cohen-Rose to Honourable Melanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage on Museum of History of Women

November 9, 2017

Congratulations to Mayor Valerie Plante on being elected the first woman mayor of Montreal.  See Letter-Congratulations Mayor Plante

Request to Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette to become the Honorary President of the National Council of Women of Canada.  See Letter-Governor General Julie Payette

The NCWC’s new and updated policies  in a Brief to the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada.  See  National Council of Women of Canada Annual Brief to the Government of Canada Fall 2017   and  Letter of Confirmation from PM Office


November 8, 2017

Request to Minister of Employment Patty Hajdu for inclusion of Life Skills Education in education system


October 19, 2017

Article in Canadian Jewish News on NCWC President Sandra Cohen-Rose


October 16, 2017

CSW62 NCWC Statement  Life skills and communications technology (ICT) skills for both sexes, advances and empowers women leading to a healthier, more economically stable society.


February 20, 2017

As President of the National Council of Canada…responding to your October 6, 2016 letter which discounted our grave concerns with the risks posed by the unprecedented transport of extremely dangerous liquid nuclear waste containing Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) close to 2,000 kilometres from Chalk River Ontario to Savannah River, South Carolina.  See Dangerous Liquid Nuclear Waste Containing Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU)

Form letter to PM Justin Trudeau Opposing the Transportation of Nuclear Waste


January 6, 2017

The Call for Nominatio‎ns form and information from the ByLaws on positions for the Board of Directors and Standing Study Committee for 2017 are now available on the NCWC website to be downloaded and printed.  See the Nominations page which is under the sections called Communications and then Members on the menu above.


December 12, 2016

“…The National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC), whose long-held policies support strong precautionary Environmental Assessments (EAs), respectfully requests that you intervene in a most serious matter involving public safety, health, and environmental protection…”  Read our letter to the Prime Minister of Canada:  Letter 20161212 to Prime Minister on Environmental Assessments

“…The National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC) welcomes the opportunity to comment to this Expert Panel as it reviews the environmental assessment processes associated with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012). NCWC…”  Read our letter to the Review Panel of the Environmental Assessment Agency:  Letter 20161212 Expert Panel on Environmental Assessment Agency

“… In 2011 the National Council of Women of Canada adopted as policy that Canada’s penal system…NCWC strongly urges the Government of Canada to cease using solitary confinement as a disciplinary method in federal penitentiaries and ensure sufficient, independent, secure facilities for persons with mental health issues.”  Read our letter to the Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould, Justice and Attorney-General:  Letter 20161212 To the Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould, Justice and Attorney-General on Solitary Confinement in Prisons

“…NCWC reiterates our request that the federal government remove CNSC as the “responsible authority” for environmental assessments of nuclear proposals. As an immediate example of your government’s concern for public health and safety, and environmental protection of our communities, prime farm lands and waterways, we would also urge you to intervene to halt the HEU shipments until there has been an open public hearing to ensure all alternatives are considered, most crucially the promised down-blending and storage on-site as planned in 2011.”  Read our letter to the Prime Minister of Canada: Letter 20161212 Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau Nuclear Non-Proliferation

See article by CBC News/Health, Weapons-grade nuclear waste shipments to US prompt outcry”, September 05, 2016,  with comments by NCWC’s Gracia Janes, Niagara-on-the-Lake resident, activist and President of NCWC Education Fund.

Letter 20161104 Congratulations to New Women Appointees to the Canadian Senate


November 4, 2016

The National Council of Women of Canada extends our congratulations to the following women who will become our new Senators, particularly Kim Pate and Marilou McPhedran of The Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies (CAEFS) and the Institute for International Women’s Rights respectively, both affiliate members of NCWC.  Read our letter:  Letter 20161104 Congratulations to New Women Appointees to the Canadian Senate


April 19, 2016

The NCWC endorses Bill C-243 improving and giving needed flexibility to maternity leave Letter 20160413 NCWC Endorses Bill C-243 Earlier Maternity Leave for Women.


February 9, 2016

The NCWC commentds the federal government in the decision to stop the granting of conditional registrations of pesticides as of June 1, 2016.  Letter 20160209 Stopping the Conditional Registrations of Pesticides


February 2, 2016

The NCWC urges the federal government to stop the importation and use of asbestos Letter 20160202 Continued Use of Asbestos in Federal Buildings.


January 18, 2016

The Annual Brief to the Government of Canada – Winter 2016 has been issued.  See the section of our website called “Briefs“, under Communications/Members/Briefs, to find a PDF version of the 2016 Brief and a list of all other Briefs sent annually to the Federal Government. 


August 27, 2015

Recently, one of the federal leaders announced that his party, if elected, would give a tax credit for membership fees in service organizations.  This gesture would be much more financially meaningful if volunteers were given a tax credit for the expenses they incur while providing voluntary service.

Therefore, the National Council of Women of Canada would ask all candidates for office of the Prime Minister to pledge their party’s support to:

1)         Allow substantial out-of-pocket expenses (re day care/child care, transportation, meals) for taxpayer or dependents involved in providing voluntary service to voluntary organizations to be an allowable tax credit as a charitable contribution for tax purposes and the criteria for registration for income tax purposes be broadened; and

2)         Initiate a policy which would permit volunteers to earn credits for the Canada Pension Plan and RRSP contributions.

The participation of the volunteer sector is essential to a healthy, pluralistic society, in initiating new ideas, planning and providing services, fund raising, and decision making.  Volunteer participation develops and utilizes knowledge and skills which otherwise might be lost to the Canadian economy.  At the same time, volunteer participation often involves personal expenditures which could limit participation; some volunteers do not have access to private or Canada Pension Plan Benefits nor excess earned income to contribute to an RRSP.


August 17, 2015

The Board of Directors of  the National Council of Women of Canada made the decision to join the Campaign for National Drug Coverage.  You can see our endorsement which has been posted to the supporters page.  Please check out the Facebook page as well.

We are asking you to share the campaign petition through your own networks.  The campaign is also hoping to build Twitter buzz by asking @pmharper @ThomasMulcair @JustinTrudeau @ElizabethMay to make #pharmacare and #nationaldrugcoverage #elxn42 issues in October.

The National Council of Women of Canada has long advocated for a National Prescription Drug Plan – with policies from 1998 and an update in 2012.  This is an important initiative which we are pleased to be part of.


Karen Monnon Dempsey, President

The National Council of Women of Canada is a federation composed of Local and Provincial Councils, as well as Nationally  Organized Societies.  Founded in 1893, it was incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1914 and has been designated by the Government of Canada as being of National Historic Significance for its role in Canadian women’s history.