Elizabeth Hutchinson, President, 1997-2001

///Elizabeth Hutchinson, President, 1997-2001
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Profile of Past President Elizabeth Hutchinson

Elizabeth Hutchinson

Elizabeth Hutchinson

Elizabeth Hutchinson has been involved for the past ten years with the National Council of Women of Canada and the Montreal Local Council of Women, serving in a variety of positions. At the local level Elizabeth has been Vice-President, Convener of Citizenship and Convener of Social Welfare.  Nationally, Elizabeth has been Vice-President (1995 – 97), Convener of International Affairs (1989 – 92), and an active member of the NCWC Centennial Planning Committee (1992 – 93).  She has represented the Anglican Church of Canada to NCWC since 1985, and since 1991 has been a member of the NCWC Strategic Planning Task Force IV (Image and Visibility).  In 1997, Elizabeth was one of the National Council’s delegates to the International Council of Women’s 28th Triennial meeting in Ottawa.

Elizabeth Hutchinson has wide experience working on women’s issues within the Anglican Church and other groups in Canada and abroad. From 1990 to 1997 the Anglican Diocese of Montreal employed her as Consultant for Women’s Concerns. Her special areas of interest include: immigration and refugee policy; conditions for immigrant working women, especially domestic and home workers; violence against women; and poverty, especially affecting women and children. During the United Nations Year of the Family (1994), she represented the Anglican Church at events for the Table Multi-Sectorielle.

Elizabeth has just completed six years as President of Auberge Madeleine, a shelter for women who are homeless and in difficulty. She is also involved with “Ten Days for World Development”. Between 1978 and 1984 she worked with the Quebec Women’s Institute at the county level. Her recent participation in international projects has included attendance at two women’s gatherings in Brazil in 1992 and in 1998, the Ecumenical Women’s Decade Festival and the World Council of Churches Assembly in Zimbabwe.

Prior to coming to Canada in 1978, Elizabeth worked in India (1958 – 61) and in Britain (1961 – 78) with the Mother’s union – a worldwide association of Anglican Women. She is fluently bilingual. She and her husband live in Harrington, Quebec, which is midway between Montreal and Ottawa.

Elizabeth was elected to the new position of NCWC President-Elect in June 1997, and assumed the presidency of National Council at the Annual Meeting, June 1998, at St. Catharines, Ontario.