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National Council of Women of Canada signs historic Joint Declaration with the Native Women’s Association, and the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. We invite your support. You can see the contents and background on the Declaration, and sign on here. or e-mail To download a copy of the Declaration, click here.

National Council of Women of Canada and the National Council of Women of Canada Education Fund announces the 2 year Common Program – Women and Mental Health. We will be adding more content here.

Most recent additions to the web site:
· Check out The May, 2012 NCWC Newsletter 
· the Brief and Speaking Notes presented at the prebudget consultations, October 27, 2011.
· Also, the comments by NCWC in response to proposed Bill S 2, on Matrimonial Property on Reserves
· The most recent, January-February 2011 Conserver Newsletter, edited by Gracia Janes, has been posted with updates and information on the Water/Energy Connections Project. There is follow up information from the presentation by Dorothy Goldin-Rosenberg on the health effects of Tritium.
· Correspondence to the Prime Minister regarding the Senate Report “In From the Margins: A Call to Action on Poverty, Housing and Homelessness” 
· A Report prepared by Thelma McGillivrey on her attendance at the meeting in Auckland, New Zealand of ICW-CIF Asia-Pacific Fourth Seminar and Training Workshop, hosted by the National Council of Women of New Zealand, November 3rd to the 11th, 2010
·The National Council of Women of Canada urges the Government of Canada to support the work of the Native Women’s Association of Canada, and the Sisters in Spirit initiative. We have released a media statement, and have written to thePrime Minister 
·The National Council of Women of Canada’s A brief report for the 2010 AGM; ·Also, the 2010 Policies have been added to the NCWC Policy and Brief section;
·Correspondence related to the closing of the Federal Prison Farm System, and the elimination of the long form Census – plus correspondence on the proposed Bill C 25, Truth in Sentencing Act, and the transport of radioactive steam generators;
·The National Council of Women of Canada and the National Council of Women of Canada Education Fund <a “href=”””>Media Release on the results of the Water/Energy Use Survey;
· The NCWC’s October newsletter, with a special focus on the the work of Councils, and the Declaration from the Women and Security gathering hosted by Her Honour Michaelle Jean;
·The National Council of Women of Canada’s 2010 Brief to Government;
·The National Council of Women of Canada Education Fund’s most recent Newsletter, the Conserver;
·Brief to the to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development Re the Oil Sands and Water Resources 31st of August, 2009
· Brief to the Senate Standing Committee on Energy , Environment and Natural Resources, June 16, 2009 re:Amendments to the Navigable Waters Protection Act

The 2009 Annual Meeting of the National Council of Women of Canada was held in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. We dealt with Resolutions (now available on ourPolicy Listing section) on a range of issues, and participated in some special events, including the Opening Reception at the EA Rawlinson Centre for the Arts.Twenty one Prince Albert women were recognized for their outstanding contribution to enhancing the quality of life for residents of the Prince Albert community and the Province of Saskatchewan. Later at the Annual Meeting, NCWC and NCWC Education Fund sponsored Andrew Nikiforuk, who gave an excellent Power Point presentation on the “Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent”. You can see this presentation here.

The National Council of Women of Canada has ECOSOC status with the United Nations, and had representation at the recent meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women. This year, the theme was the 15 year review of the Beijing Platform for Action. NCWC was present for the meeting of the Commission from February 28 to March 12 – you can read more at the Blog , done by the NCWC Representative.

Check out Information about the Water-Energy Connections Project, a joint project of NCWC and the National Council of Women of Canada Education Fund. We are constantly adding reports on this very important topic to Canadians. Note: the sixth edition of the Conserver is now available.

Our Correspondence section has been updated with correspondence to the government on a range of topics, including human trafficking, cluster munitions, a National Water Stragegy, stun guns, gun control, landmines, climate change, BENS Delicatessen-Restaurant, Nuclear Power Plants and much more!

Also, check out the Press Release re the 2009 Federal Budget.

The Final Report on the Common Program (2005-2007) WATER is now complete, by Vice President Gracia Janes, and available in our Reports Section. Recently added is a book report on “Eau Canada : The Future of Canada’s Water”, Edited by Karen Bakker. As well you will find the presentations by the panelists at the AGM in Regina, and a review of the Panel by Elizabeth Fleming, Environment Convener.

The Councils and Membership section is now linked to a plan developed by Manulife Financial, as a service to those members who are not covered by a group health plan or are not satisfied with their current health coverage (available as a service to NCWC members, and members of Nationally Organized Societies.)

The Policy section has been updated, and now includes the Resolutions as approved by NCWC, up to and including 2010. The 2010 Annual Brief, sent to Government and Opposition Parties, is also available in our Briefs section.

We’ve just added an archives section to our website that is under construction.

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