The National Council of Women of Canada

Bill 11 – Health Services


April 10, 2000

The National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC) today called upon the Federal Government to work with the Provincial and Territorial Governments to find solutions to the problems that Canadians are experiencing in accessing health services.

The Council believes that health care is a joint responsibility of the Federal and Provincial/Territorial governments, who need to work collaboratively to provide the health care Canadian’s expect and need. If the health care system has adequate and sustainable funding, and its efficiency is improved in areas where reform is needed, there will be no need for the development of private facilities of the kind being proposed in Alberta’s Bill 11.

There is no evidence that private, for-profit health care services shorten waiting lists or waiting times; nor is there evidence that competition leads to improvement in the delivery of health care services. In addition, NCWC is concerned that the development of private facilities could drain the public system of already limited professional resources.

NCWC’s vision is for a sustainable, publicly funded health care system that provides access to a comprehensive and seamless system of care for Canadians and their families, when and where they need it. The Council believes that Canadians do not want to see the continuing erosion of their publicly funded and administered health care system through proposals such as Bill 11, which is viewed by many as opening the door to a two tier system.


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