NCWC Common Program: 2002-2003

Theme: Health

Title: “Responding to the Romanow Commission Report”

Rationale: The Report and recommendations of the Romanow Commission is due in Nov. 2002 and will likely be released late in 2002 or early in 2003. NCWC submitted a brief to the Commission and appeared before the Commission in Ottawa. It is available on the NCWC website or can be obtained from the national office.

The report and recommendations will likely contain much that we can support and perhaps much that will cause us concern. We need to study the Report and respond to it at the local and regional levels.

Halifax LCW has planned and provided an excellent full day forum at AGM 2002 that will serve as an excellent launch for this Common Program. Thank you, Halifax LCW!

Suggestions: Common Programs should be held late in winter or early spring of 2003, after the Report has been released and you have had a chance to study it in light of NCWC policy. Try to focus on aspects of the Report of special interest or concern in your community or region. NCWC Health Convener will be responding on our behalf at the National level. Some ideas for programs or activities that you might want to follow or adapt are as follows:

  1. Sponsor a public meeting at which health care professionals share their “brickbats or bouquets” in response to the Report. Perhaps you could co-sponsor with another organization or with one or more federates. 
  2. Ask Chairperson of a local hospital board or health district to speak at your Council meeting or at a luncheon or breakfast. 
  3. Plan an all day Health Fair with panel discussions, special speakers, luncheon speaker, discussion groups, sharing as a wind-up. Report findings, responses to local paper. 
  4. Interview several young people who are training in the medical health field in order to get their reaction to the Report. Try to seek out responses that will indicate the impact it will have on their lives and careers. This interview can take place at your regular meeting, at a public forum or in consultation with your local cable TV station. 
  5. Have your Health Convener and Committee study the Report in depth ( or create an ad hoc committee to do so). Ask them to present their findings at your regular meeting; prepare similar presentations to be given to other organizations and to your federates. Write articles for local newspaper and send letters to the editor. Encourage involvement of as many members as possible; use special skills. Seek help of those not involved at present. 
  6. Use this as an occasion to make contacts and to find new members. Ask representatives from health-type organizations, etc. to speak at a meeting and to share their reaction to the Report and its recommendations. E.g. nurses’ union, VON, etc.

Follow-up: Send a report to NCWC Health Convener immediately following the event. She may also request that it be submitted for compilation into a joint report. You may also be asked to share your project with others at AGM 2003.

Funding will be available from NCWC upon submission of a copy of the report submitted to the Health Convener and your receipts for expenses up to $100 for this program.