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The National Council of Women of Canada has several boutique items for sale, including prints, tote bags, bookmarks, greeting cards, and scarves.  Some of these items are from the Celebrating Women project, sponsored by the NCWC and developed as an education and fund raising project in 2004-2005.   All proceeds are applied toward supporting the Council’s Education and Development projects. The proceeds from sales of items from the Celebrating Women collection will continue to be directed towards decreasing the many challenges women continue to face, particularly the ongoing issues of homelessness and personal safety.  For information, please contact the President by telephone at 1-613-712-4419 or by email

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The NCWC is proud to present Celebrating Women – a visual tribute to the dedication of all Canadian women who have participated in building a healthy, progressive and vibrant Canadian community.  

Celebrating Women was a national touring art exhibition honouring the pride, passion and perseverance of Canadian Women.  At the annual Meeting in Edmonton, 2004, the Celebrating Women project was launched.

The exhibit featured the artwork of Canadian artist, Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn, and is a dynamic statement about the impact women have had on Canadian history. Women have been integral to the development of Canada’s social heritage and national identity. Larisa’s visual imagery reflects on the many roles women have played in the development of Canada, particularly in the areas of health, safety, education, human rights, cultural identity, family and community development.

Developed as an education and fund raising project, Celebrating Women toured across Canada in 2004-06. The collection of 25 water colour paintings visited several major cities from Victoria to Halifax.

We continue to invite orders of the wonderful pieces of art, by Larisa, with all funds raised supporting the work of NCWC.

The agenda of the Celebrating Women tour, that began in 2004, shows the cities visited.

  • October 18 – 28, 2004 – Ottawa, ON – Official Launch
    1000 Byron Avenue
  • November 19, 2004 – January 23, 2005 – Saskatoon, SK
    Diefenbaker Centre Museum, U of S Campus
  • February 28 – March 19, 2005 – Vancouver, BC
    Pendulum Gallery, Bank of Hong Kong Building
  • April 13 – 27, 2005 – Victoria, BC
    Winspear Cultural Centre, Sidney, BC
  • May 5 – 15, 2005 – Jasper, AB
    Pyramid Lake Resort
  • May 21 – May 29, 2005 – Edmonton, AB
    Tucker Amphitheatre, Citadel Theatre
  • June 11 – 25, 2005 – Calgary, AB
    Art Central Gallery
  • July 7 – August 2, 2005 – Winnipeg, MB
    Assiniboine Park Conservatory
  • August 19 – September 5, 2005 – Toronto, ON
    CNE- Canadian National Exhibition. Please see press release on historic commemorative plaque unveiling ceremony for NCWC from Parks Canada and the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada
  • October 27 – November 15, 2005 – London, ON
    Galleria Mall
  • A Nurturing Spirit
  • Attention to Details
  • Circle of Faith
  • Homelessness
  • Nature’s Gifts
  • Onward and Upward
  • Our Precious Future
  • Preserving the Past
  • Pride, Passion, and Perseverance
  • So Many Books … So Little Time
  • The Thinking Hats
View brief descriptions below with reproduction prints and prices of some of the 25 paintings that were included in the show.  Originals ranged from $3,000 to $25,000.

“Fabric of a Nation”

Inspired by the rich ethnic diversity of Canadian Women, this painting, Fabric of a Nation, is a tribute to their contributions to the social fabric of our nation. As one of the oldest women’s groups in Canada, the

The National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC) has built a strong network of inter-twined relationships based on each woman’s desire to “improve conditions of life” for her family and community. Its longevity can be partly attributed to the very diversity of its membership and to the unique strengths women have been able to contribute to the organization, working collectively.

Canadian women come from diverse backgrounds and women are most often the day-to-day guardians of their cultural traditions. Their clothing is often a statement of cultural as well as personal pride. Each is identifiable as an individual, yet collectively they represent one large country.

By supporting the multicultural nature of Canada and programs that help immigrants and refugees, members of NCWC have helped promote good communication, a strong sense of community and a greater awareness of our country and its assets.

·         Original Painting Size: 98cm x 98cm

·         Print Edition:  300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $150.00

·         Image Size: Mini

·         Print Editions:  300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $75.00 Matted


“Raising the Glass Ceiling”

This painting, Raising the Glass Ceiling was inspired by the Canadian-born cosmetics magnate Elizabeth Arden, and features the elegant Elizabeth Arden Tulip. Business and Commerce in Canada are not for the faint of heart. There are many obstacles and challenges that often seem insurmountable, especially for women determined to pursue this career direction.

The NCWC has offered continued support for women in non-traditional roles. The Council has lobbied vigorously for “raising the glass ceiling” which still exists as a barrier for women in the business and professional world. Council has advocated for a “family friendly” work environment which would enable women’s involvement in this challenging world of business and commerce.

This painting is dedicated to all women who have a vision and the drive to make it happen, to raise, if not to break, the ‘glass ceiling.’

·         Original Painting Size: 107cm x 14cm

·         Print Editions: 300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $75.00


“Bouquet For Leadership”

A large bouquet of flowers is a symbolic token of appreciation that we can bestow upon all of our women leaders. Through hard work and dedication they serve as role models in our community. Whether as prominent politicians, CEOs, or chairpersons, or in more subtle volunteer leadership positions, women leaders have made great contributions to Canadian history.

Inspired by the Province of Alberta’s Lieutenant Governor, The Honourable Lois Hole, this bouquet of flowers reflects on thethought that our leaders are like gardeners – weeding, feeding and watering – helping their gardens, families, communities and businesses to grow, blossom and reach their fullest potential.

The NCWC and its federate organizations have supported women in leadership roles. Each group has provided leadership skill development and community awareness preparation and experience for our future leaders through conferences, workshops and training sessions

·         Original Painting Size: 89cm x 86cm

·         Print Editions: 300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $150.00


“Golden Moment”

Bringing new life into this world is a wondrous, golden moment, especially with the assistance of a professional midwife. The guidance of a midwife is likened to the support of a special friend. Her confidence is comforting and her experience invaluable.

The NCWC supports the profession of midwifery. The Council, its Locals and Federates have lobbied actively for the inclusion of midwifery in the circle of patient-care professions at the provincial levels and has advocated for training in the profession.

·         Original Painting Size: 50cm x 50cm

·         Print Editions: 300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $75.00 Matted



Why in our society do we treat the homeless like weeds- discarding them like unwanted flowers? A child, like a seed with so much potential, needs to be nourished, cared for and loved. Given the opportunity each will grow, blossom and flourish – bringing forth its individual beauty.

Canadian statistics show that the problem of homelessness is increasing, particularly among our youth. It is a reality which we all have to face and deal with.

Homelessness is one of the continuing issues of study and concern for the NCWC. Their current focus is on advocating for increasing access to affordable housing and the elimination of child poverty which are among the many societal problems that lead to homelessness. It is NCWC’s Mission to improve conditions of life for women and their families. Homelessness was a problem a century ago; it still is today. We risk losing some of our precious youth if they are to be blown away like seeds on the wind.

·         Original Painting Size: 79cm x 25cm

·         Print Editions:  300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $125.00


“My Amautik

“The Amautik had the strangest effect on me: it was like finding a part of myselfI never knew existed. It felt sacred, majestic. In it I saw a woman’s patience, energy, ingenuity. I felt such pride, respect, and love and inspiration.”

Caroline Palliser of Inukjuaq

The Amautik or “mother’s parka” is a symbol of a woman’s responsibility within Inuit society – to regenerate life and perpetuate the culture. The design combines the functional, symbolic and spiritual elements of a woman’s life. The amautikalso identifies a woman’s maturity, geographical region, the season, and beliefs.

Though both men and women wear parkas, it is the amautik that is specifically adapted to a woman’s unique role in society. Incorporated into its design is a large hood and roomy pouch for carrying a baby, and a distinctive front flap that can serve as an apron.

Each Arctic region has its own distinctive styling. Inuit designs combine plant and floral motifs with geometric patterns. The design of the garment directly parallels the actual locations of the fur parts on the caribou. The decorative motifs have ancient roots passed down from the ancestors.

The composition for My Amautik was inspired by the rich colours and patterning of textile artist of Marion Tuu’luuq and by seeing various Amautik created by women from Yukon, North West Territories, Nunavut and Labrador.

·         Original Painting Size: 107cm x 83cm

·         Print Editions:  300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $75.00 Matted


“Nature’s Gifts”

Women have played a major role in healthcare since the beginning of time. As care-givers, medicine women, mothers, and elders they were often called upon to deal with illness, injury and childbirth. These exceptional women, like their gardens and surroundings, were nature’s gifts to help deal with the problems at hand.

It was a natural transition, despite the protests of the prevailing medical establishment, for women to pursue and enter the field of medicine.

The NCWC helped to shape the field of medicine in Canada. Several of the first Canadian women doctors were members of Council. The NCWC, along with the Victoria Order of Nurses, helped establish several TB sanatoria and continues to work towards improving healthcare in Canada.

Nature’s Gifts depicts a bouquet of medicinal plants. Like the acceptance of women into the medical profession, many herbal ingredients have struggled to regain credibility as reliable medicinal remedies.

Echinacea (Echinacea angustifolia) effective remedy for sore throats
Woodland Lily (L. philadelphicum) medicinal tea treated stomach disorders
Canadian Violet (V. Canadensis) – rich in Vitamins A and C used for a variety of remedies

·         Original Painting Size: 91cm x 28cm

·         Print Editions: 300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $125.00


“A Nurturing Spirit”

The painting, A Nurturing Spirit, is a reflection on the theme of helping others, of caring and of nurturing in all of its guises. It celebrates all the women who have given of themselves to others, wherever and whenever they were needed. It is a tribute to their unselfishness, their caring, and their concern for others.

This painting is dedicated to the mother, aunt, grandmother or special friend who shared her knowledge and her experiences with us. It honours the women who were present in times of crisis to hold our hand, who wept with us in times of sorrow, and who celebrated our achievements in times of joy.

The NCWC reflects this nurturing spirit in its commitment to improving the quality of life for women, families and society. The painting, A Nurturing Spirit, is a reflection on the theme of helping others, of caring and of nurturing in all of its guises. It celebrates all the women who have given of themselves to others, wherever and whenever they were needed. It is a tribute to their unselfishness, their caring, and their concern for others.

This painting is dedicated to the mother, aunt, grandmother or special friend who shared her knowledge and her experiences with us. It honours the women who were present in times of crisis to hold our hand, who wept with us in times of sorrow, and who celebrated our achievements in times of joy.

The NCWC reflects this nurturing spirit in its commitment to improving the quality of life for women, families and society.

·         Original Painting Size: 89cm x 23cm

·         Print Editions:  300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $100.00


“Onward and Upward”

The tenacity and pioneering spirit of Canadian women has been evident since the arrival of the first explorers. Space is now the new frontier.

This painting, Onward and Upward, was inspired by Roberta Bondar and Julie Payette, the first Canadian women to break the bonds of gravity and go into space. Their work and willingness to risk their lives has inspired a whole new generation of young women to move onward and upward.

Breaking new frontiers and “pushing the envelope” has been characteristic of the NCWC since its inception in 1893. Part of their focus has always been to support the dreams and ambitions of Canadian women.

As the NCWC motto says, “Altior” (onward and upward).

·         Original Painting Size: 33cm x 102cm

·         Print Editions:  300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $125.00


“Our Precious Future”

“Art is a message that we can send forward to a future we cannot see, yet we can inspire it…” Anon

As the light shines through the leaves, we are reminded of our precious natural environment. Inspired by the paintings and words of Emily Carr, this painting, Our Precious Future, is a tribute to all Canadian women who share a passion for nature, the environment and the arts.

The NCWC continues to play an active role in addressing environmental issues. It was one of the first groups to approach the federal government regarding acid rain and clean water for all Canadians. The Council supports global issues such as the Kyoto Accord and conservation of natural resources.

·         Original Painting Size: 50cm x 50cm

·         Print Editions: 300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $75.00 Matted


“Pride, Passion, Perseverance”

A tribute to all women who have dared to follow their dreams, Pride, Passion and Perseverance captures the dedication involved in working towards perfection.

From the first enjoyment of being on stage and through the trials and tribulations of overcoming fears and challenges, preparing for an audience is a huge step in a young woman’s development. The hours of memorization, practice, artistic merit and technique development that go into becoming a performer is more than just time. It is a journey.

Historically, the NCWC has strong ties with the Canadian arts scene. Many early NCWC branches were associated with local women’s arts groups. Council’s interest in the arts has continued on both national and local levels. Their support of major projects, such as the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and various local initiatives, has helped the arts thrive in Canada.

·         Original Painting Size: 30cm x 101cm

·         Print Editions: 300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $125.00


“Stepping Into Womanhood”

“…you are introduced to sewing, crafts like embroidering, sewing with porcupine quills, and beading… It seems like how you did during that time was the formation of your life as an adult… Nothing was written or read, everything was oral, but even today I still remember all that was told to me when I, too, had to go through that phase of life, when I stepped into womanhood.” Mary Wilson (“From the Land Two Hundred Years of Dene Clothing”)

A young girl’s introduction to womanhood is reflected in the rites and traditions of a culture. Stepping Into Womanhood is a visual interpretation of the Denetradition of honouring this transition through the teaching of crafts and folklore.

Learning to bead, embroider and work with quills often translated into the lifetime skills of patience, perseverance and pride. Taken forward into life as a woman, these virtues encouraged a sense of responsibility and commitment to becoming strong family and community leaders.

The NCWC has supported women in maintaining their cultural identity. For example the NCWC supported aboriginal women in their request to have their status returned after marrying outside their culture.

* The motifs in this painting were inspired by artifacts featured in the book “From the Land: Two Hundred Years of Dene Clothing”, by Judy Thompson, Canadian Museum of Civilization, 1994.

·         Original Painting Size: 138cm x 33cm

·         Print Editions:  300, 20 Artists Proofs

·         Price: $125.00


National Pride” 100% Silk Scarf

National Pride is dedicated to all the women who put their energy into volunteer work. The image is specifically inspired by the groups of women who met regularly during war times to roll bandages, package personal comforts and knit socks, mitts, and scarves for “the boys” overseas. It also recognizes all the women who entered the workforce, in the factories, shops and industries of Canada during these times of conflict.

In peace as well as in war, members of the National Council of Women and its federated organizations have worked as volunteers to make our society and communities safe.

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