The National Council of Women of Canada has a long history of working internationally. NCWC has been a member of the International Council of Women (ICW) since 1897, and has Consultative Status (Category II) at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSCO).  Each year, we send a delegration to the meetings of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York in March.  NCWC is also a participatory Non Governmental Organization of the Organization of American States.

Through the work of the National Council of Women of Canada Development Organization, NCWC funds projects that support women in their communities. Members and representatives of NCWC have participated in the four World Conferences on Women and participate in the annual meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women sponsored by the United Nations in New York.

The International Council of Women has links to the United Nations in both New York and Geneva. In the 1920s the ICW and its standing committees worked with the League of Nations and, following World War II, became a consultant to the United Nations. With more than 70 member countries, the ICW has been headquartered in Paris since 1963. Delegates elect officers from national boards at triennial international congresses. The council is affiliated with numerous agencies, including, from 1981, the World Health Organization.

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