Our Communication section contains copies of documents and correspondence on issues of importance to the Council:

The members of the National Council of Women of Canada study topics that are current and relevant, and several of these have resulted in Reports.  Some of these reports include Girls and Violence, Energy Conservation and Women as Caregivers.  One of our important reports is:  the Report on the Common Program from 2005-2007 on the Water/Energy Project.  Here you will find many resources and reports prepared from the work that Councils did on the topic of water during that period.

The Council annually prepares and submits a written Brief to the Federal Government, based on approved Policy.  You will find Briefs in our section on communications to Members.


FINDING POLICY:  To do a search for any NCWC document, go to the section called “INSTRUCTIONS ON SEARCH POLICY” which can be found under Policy Listed by Year or Policy Listed Alphabetically.  The instructions will give options on how to do searches.

The website’s search engine will search through all of the data base and pull up any articles and documents that contain the keyword(s) you have chosen.  Then, scroll down through all of the results and determine which document(s) is pertinent for your research.




Converting Documents into PDF Format and/or Printing Documents

If you wish to convert a Policy document for any year into PDF format and/or print it, just click on the PDF or Printer icons shown below.  Then right click on your mouse and a menu will open up.  Choose the options “Save as” or “Print” and follow the instructions.