Over the years, the National Council has urged the Federal Government to take actions in several areas by submitting and approving Policy annually.  The Council has presented the Government with Policy in each area.

The foundation of the advisory role of the Council is the development of policy through a democratic resolution process. NCWC policy is based on concerns discussed at the grassroots level from Study Groups, Local Councils, Provincial Councils and Nationally Organized Societies. Council members may speak only on existing policy when contacting the government, the media and the public.



Policy is organized by year and alphabetically (see how to search by these categories below).   This section also includes some basic information about the Resolution Process of NCWC. 

A list of NCWC Briefs are provided in the section called Communications under Members see Briefs.   



(1)   Search with a few keyword(s) in “SEARCH ALL POLICY BY KEYWORDS”.  See INSTRUCTIONS ON SEARCHING FOR POLICY in the section below.  You may also type keywords into the search boxes found either on the top menu or the box included on the sidebar to the right; however, the results of these searches may not be as defined as the using “Search all Policy by Keywords”.  


(2)  Go to the sub-menus in this section and search under “All Policy-Listed By Year”  OR  “Policy Listed Alphabetically”  OR  “Policy Annual Index”:

  • A complete document for each Policy:  All Policy – Listed by Year
  • A quick reference document:  Policy Listed Alphabetically 
  • A list of all approved Policy:  Policy Annual Index — use this list as a quick way to look up the titles of NCWC Policy by year. 
  • For complete details on searching by year or alphabetically, see INSTRUCTIONS ON SEARCHING FOR POLICY below.



POLICY:  Policy is listed by Policy Heading, Document (year and item number) and Section Title.  The Policy Heading provides the general subject area (such as health, environment, income security etc.); the Document description gives the location of the actual policy by year; and the Section Title gives the actual name of the policy.  

Some Policy is listed with EM, PU or RE after the year in which they were approved.  EM = Emergency Resolution, PU = Policy Update, EI= Emerging Issue and RE= Reiteration.  Furthermore, until 2002 we called late resolutions “Emergency Policy” and identified their numbers as 2002.01EM.  In 2003, we renamed late resolutions “Emerging Issues” and identified their numbers as 2003.01EI.


SEARCH BY KEYWORDS:  Click on “+” sign below to open section “INSTRUCTIONS ON SEARCHING FOR POLICY”

Search for Policy three (3) ways:   find Policy (1) by KEYWORDS or find Policy (2) listed AlPHABETICALLY or (3) listed by YEAR


SEARCH ALL POLICY BY KEYWORDS:  To search for all Policy containing specific keywords, enter them in the search field below. If you want to search for a specific phrase, enclose the phrase in double quotes like this “violence against women”.


The results will show all policies that contain ANY of the words you entered. After entering the key words, go to the bottom right and click on “Read More” to see the entire policy. The words you entered will be highlighted in YELLOW in the text.



2. POLICY LISTED ALPHABETICALLY:  To find a Policy ALPHABETICALLY, go to the menu item called Policy Listed Alphabetically.  

EXAMPLE:  Let’s look for the same Policy under Family Law passed in 1975 called “75.3 Integrated Family Court System.”  First, expand section “F”: look down the first column called “Policy Heading”: and look for the section called Family Law.  Under this section, we will also see a number of “Documents” and “Section Titles”.  Regarding the column “Documents”, the first two numbers represent the year (e.g. 06 = 2006) and the subsequent numbers represent the Policy number of that year.

To view the COMPLETE copy of this Policy, go to the menu item called All Policy – Listed by Year,  find the year “1975”, click on the “+” sign to view ALL Policy passed that year.  Then, look above LIST OF POLICY and click on the words highlighted in BLUE called “Policy 1975This link will open up the complete document.  Scroll down the page to item 75.3 to read the full Policy. 



3. POLICY LISTED BY YEAR:  To find a Policy by YEAR go to menu item All Policy – Listed by Year.   

EXAMPLE:  Let’s find a specific Policy passed in 1975 under Family Law called “75.3 Integrated Family Court System.”  Scroll down the column of years until you reach “1975”.  Click on the + sign below to open up this section to view all Policy passed in 1975.  Look down the list to the third Policy document number “75.3” to find “Integrated Family Court System.” 

For a complete copy of this Policy, look above the title “LIST OF POLICY” and click on the words highlighted in BLUE called “Policy 1975This link will open up the complete document.  Scroll down the page until item 75.3 to read the full Policy. 






Converting Documents into PDF Format and/or Printing Documents

If you wish to convert a Policy document for any year into PDF format and/or print it, just click on the PDF or Printer icons shown below.  Then right click on your mouse and a menu will open up.  Choose the options “Save as” or “Print” and follow the instructions.