The NCWC Education Fund was founded as a charitable organization in order to work with the National Council of Women of Canada through research and public education regarding the environmental, social, mental, physical and health needs of women, families and society.  See information in the section below called Joint Projects which provide details about our projects on Mental Health, Water and Energy, and Celebrating Women.

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To provide research and public education regarding the environmental, social,mental, physical and health needs of women, families and society in general

Working together through joint Common Programs, the NCWC and NCWC Education Fund have explored an amazing variety of important topics and tapped into a wealth of internal and external expertise as we conducted the following programs.  The NCWC Education fund works closely with the NCWC, which represents over 750,000 Canadians through its 10 Nationally Organized Affiliated Societies, Provincial Councils in 6 Provinces and 12 Local Councils of Women.  Joint research has been done and public education programs held over the past 12 years on:

  • Young Women and Violence Prevention (2001-02)
  • Securing Our Future-the Economics of Later Life action plans/curricula developed to help young women plan for a healthy economic future (2003-06)
  • Canada’s Water’07 AGM panel re: water shortages,impacts of mega dams, drought, mining, a need for a National Water Strategy (2007)
  • The Water/Energy Connections Project’ 08-10,  i.e. NCWC Education Fund AGM programs re Great Lakes, Nuclear, ‘Soft’ Water/Energy Paths,Climate; Public Meetings, Newsletters, Web site, Cross -Canada Survey on water/energy use & public opinion on government energy and water policies  (Project funded by the Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation) (2008-2010)
  • Women and Mental Health – a three part comprehensive exploration of women’s unique mental health experiences, featuring AGM speakers from advocacy groups and individuals , government, youth, aboriginal groups, and consumers (2011-13)
The NCWC Education Fund have two ongoing projects and two past projects.  Projects run for two years and may be continued for another two years. They run from an AGM & Conference meeting until the next. Click on the links below for more information about our joint projects.  The past projects can also be found under the Archives.

        Mental Health – ongoing project

Celebrating Women 2004 – past project

Water/Energy Connections Project – 2008 – 2011 – past project

Common Program on Water – 2005 – 2007 – past project – see the Final Report Common Program on Water  and Report on the National Council of Women of Canada Common Program on Water 2006/2007 on pages 6-7 in NCWC’s Newsletter Fall 2007.

Resources:  To find helpful links to Canadian resources used for our studies on Water, Housing, Women’s Health, etc., go to: Canadian Resources & Links 

Education Fund:  Every year, our members generously donate towards the Joint Common Program through the NCWC Education Fund, which is a charitable organization and able to give receipts for tax purposes.  If you wish to help us in our projects, below are the ways that you may make a donation by cheque or through Canada Helps as explained below.

Cheque:  Make a donation by sending a cheque made out to the NCWC Education Fund and mail it to NCWC Education Fund at the following address: Attention: President, NCWC Educational Fund, P.O. Box 67099, Ottawa, ON, Canada K2A 4E4.  We will send out a receipt for charitable purposes promptly.

Online Donation:  Another easy way to make a donation to NCWC projects is through CanadaHelps.Org, which is a Canada-wide organization that helps the public connect with charities and deposits donations directly into our bank account.  You may either Google, search for NCWC Education Fund and follow the directions OR click on the CanadaHelps icon/link shown at the bottom of this page which will automatically navigate you to the donation page.  CanadaHelps will send you a charitable receipt and we will send a thank you note for a much appreciated donation.

To find out more about how you can support the work of NCWC Education Fund, please contact our NCWC Office.

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