A NCWC Major Education Fund Project – Mental Health

The National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC) and the NCWC Education Fund (NCWCEF) announced the Common Program for 2011-2013 at the Annual Meeting held in Winnipeg, Manitoba in June, 2011.  We wanted to make a difference and work on this issue in many ways – education, research, advocacy and linking with other interested individuals, community agencies and organizations.  The program was extended to 2015 at the 2013 AGM, and the following two programs featured “Shining a Light on Mental Health and Stigma, and Homelessness and Mental Health.

The Romanow Commission’s Final Report on the Future of Health Care in Canada described mental health as the “orphan child” of health care in Canada, and recommended that it be brought into the mainstream of public health care. Leading organizations and experts, including NCWC, across the country have echoed the concern that mental health and addictions have been marginalized in health care despite the fact they directly affect one in five Canadians and have severe social, employment and economic implications.  It is estimated that mental health problems/illnesses cost approximately $14 billion annually.

Mental illnesses and disorders are the seventh highest among all diseases in terms of the overall cost of illness.  The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by the year 2010 depression (over-represented in women) will be second only to ischemic heart disease in terms of global burden of illness.  In addition, mental illness is the second leading cause of hospital use among those aged 20 to 44, a period of life normally associated with high productivity.

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Articles and Reports

This web site was used to share information, to report on work of our members from across Canada, and to identify key issues that we think need addressing.

NCWC has a history of developing strong resolutions and policy in the area of Mental Health and Women have unique experiences of mental illness.

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