There are several ways to for you to become involved in Council work:

  • join an existing Council close to where you live
  • join as an individual member of NCWC
  • form a Study Group, if there are not sufficient numbers of members to form a local Council.

Generally, Local Councils of Women and Study Groups focus on local issues, and Provincial Councils of Women focus on provincial issues.  Both provincial and local councils carry the same voting strength at National Council meetings.

There are governance documents, such as a Constitution, By-Laws, Standing Rules and a Procedures manual, which are regularly reviewed and updated.

The Board of Directors are nominated and selected by the grass roots, and consist of 8 members – President, Past President, Vice Presidents, and Treasurer.

Conveners of committees are also nominated and selected from the grass roots. There are several committees, each with it’s own Convener. Examples of these committees include Ageing, Education, Health and Welfare, Public Safety, Environment and Youth.

There are also Administrative Committees, such as Archives, Constitution, Resolutions, and Newsletter, and Special Committees may be set up at any time according to need. Currently there are Special Committees for Financial Institutions, and World Trade Treaties as well as a Policy Advisor.

Another important aspect of Council is the membership of national organizations or Nationally Organized Societies (NOS). National Organizations that include both men and women may join the National Council of Women, but generally a woman represents that organization on Council.

The NCWC head office is located in Ottawa.  Contact us.