A Provincial Council of Women (PCW) is composed of individual members, Study Groups, Local Councils of Women, and provincial organizations. Generally, PCWs focus on issues of provincial concern.  If you would like more information about joining a PCW, or establishing one in your province, please contact our NCWC office.

To be recognized by the National Council of Women of Canada, the group must consist of a minimum of five organizations, have filed an official application to NCWC and been approved by the full voting membership at the Annual General Meeting.

Each Provincial Council of Women is a member of the NCWC Voting Body, receiving a weighted vote of 6, through either the Council President or her designate. PCWs are responsible for matters involving legislation under provincial jurisdiction and will assist in organizing new Local Councils of Women and support NCWC projects within the province. PCWs are autonomous in dealing with provincial matters within the framework of the Constitution.

PCWs receive regular Council mailings, the Annual Report, and the quarterly newsletter. PCWs will be asked to submit a report of their activities to NCWC for the Annual Report and are encouraged to submit items to the newsletter, as well as to the NCWC office for distribution to the Council mailing list.

Provincial Councils of Women speak on behalf of Local Councils of Women and provincial voluntary organizations.

The following provinces have Provincial Councils that provide a strong voice to their governments:


British Columbia